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You meant to say "we" elected president. The Republicans didn't nominate a candidate in either election that could possibly get elected. That makes Obama being president just as much your fault.
You know there are some democrats that own guns in Colorado. They may take issue with Gardner's anti-choice stand on abortion. They need to suck it up and vote for Gardner.
Colorado has the same problem. Denver and Boulder county are full of anti-gun liberals that believe that if there are just more restrictive laws made that crime with guns will stop.
Mick, you would have no better luck than LaPage had enforcing her into quarantine when the courts agreed with her. Get over it!
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5 Ways Liberals Make War on Women

WhatAboutBob? Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 3:15 PM
people in the womb? I know from your commies statements that you must be about 90 years old but your mind is definitely gone if you think that there are people in the womb. How many people are in the womb? Enough people for a party? Do these people in the womb call out for pizza?
I wonder if these MJ businesses will set up a joint account at the bank.
Yet lefties continue to win elections and don't generate the contempt that the far right does. I wonder why?
But Maria, you wanted your children. If a woman did not want to have a child and was forced to carry that child for nine months she is being held hostage to the republican conservative Taliban
With each post she is making less sense.
At lease with Obamacare coming to a town near you, you will be able to get the help you so desperately need, Maria.
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