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BHO's administration payed to arm the cartels(Stimulus One and Two) and brotherhood operatives (billions passed directly to brotherhood in Egypt and regional allies thru State Department over-ride of Congress-imposed thresholds). BHO's administration practiced dereliction of duty so broadly as to directly contribute to all seven+hundreds of other directly-related murders. Jaime Zapata appeared to be targeted for execution, as was the Ambassador. Brian Terry was failed by other LEOs who failed to deconflict when they KNEW a shipment of drugs and money were scheduled to pass through Peck Canyon ... and ... furthermore ... that RIP crews would be hunting that mule train!
The Senate is run by Harry Reid. Impeach OBH, and they will acquit him faster than Orinthal!
I suspect it had an element of revenge as a result of Univision's note that "Americans" did not care about suffering Mexicans (true on Holder, et al); but, stirred a Congressional lethargy into an investigation and a navel-gazing IG Report.
Dodson made that purchase under direct orders, and his earned-sarcasm reveals the offense you seek to obscure: He couldn't stomach the corrupt or woefully-incompetent operation...which Univision proved WAS NOT A LOCALLY-DERIVED AND DRIVEN GUNRUNNING OCDETF CASE!
If the ATF is eliminated, so are the constraints imposed on them by Congress ... which ... ... admittedly ... may amount to no loss, since Obummer's writ giving an international agency free reign -no need to respect Constitutional Rights- to go where they wish/find what they seek. For instance, the law forbidding a registry of arms here would have no say over such a registry elsewhere.
Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House 2007 to 20011. Her oligarchy more than doubled the price of a gallon of gas, finagled what APPEARED to be a health-care/taxmegedon-bill through the so-called "reconciliation" process with the abomination shoved out of Reid's Senate... And Frankie had pull: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPSDnGMzIdo&feature=related Want more?
By their own admission, this is the least-well-read administration in American history. They took the Chicago-way too far ... It didn't work in Benghazi, and in Latin America, and it won't work in November. "I don't know nuttin 'bout nobody nobody sent.", and Hillary/ Holder's variation, "I didn't read reports...." The sstorm will just dump more Furious-ly in October. Will the propaganda ministries be able to hide the smell?
Really? Tell us more!
Did you mean to comment on a different article?
"...Republicans would rather see the economy tank, thousands of people out of work and our communities destroyed as long as they can get the White House back. Care pointed out to Solomon who the real mother was and care and concern for our fellow citizens and the environment tell us who the real citizens are. " What proof? Not only does this not fit comments on the article (Did you read it?), it comes, pi, completely out of left field! Media Matters should've trained you better.
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