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The Decline and Fall of America

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 10:28 AM
Ress: I get your point but I am speaking of "we" as a nation collectively. Unfortunately, there are people who ostensibly share our values who thought it more important to NOT vote because the mythical "perfect" candidate wasn't on the ticket, thus allowing the Marxist four more years to ruin our nation. That kind of "principle" makes no sense. It will require the real pain that is sure to come before those people ask "What have we done?"

A few days after the election of 2012 the very talented Michael Ramirez published a political cartoon that perhaps conveyed a more profound meaning than he anticipated. He depicted a pair of hands extending from star-studded sleeves (presumably from a mendicant Uncle Sam), which were held in supplication, as though waiting for a handout or petitioning voters to relinquish more of their earnings to the federal government. There’s another way of interpreting this image, however; the hands appeared not only pathetic and a bit contemptible, but also aged and withered, as though belonging to an old man. In which case,...