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"BEGINNING to think.........SOMEtimes". That is supposed to be earthshaking? Huckabee's mistake is in talking like a TV commentator (which he now is), in a setting in which he needed to sound presidential--if in fact he is serious about running. This is no big deal.....but neither was it smart.
So, liberals love the death tax, where those who responsibly earned a lot of money, and paid taxes all their lives get taxed AGAIN at death when leaving money to their children. And these SAME liberals now also want to make the children PAY for an undocumented mistake by their parents. Do you get the idea that compassion really is not in a liberal's DNA? Neither is decency and common sense.
Yeah...but when Dems underpay women, it is for practical, very understandable economic reasons. But, when Repubs underpay women it is solely because they are mean and hateful. In fact, there are no practical and understandable economic factors that preclude Repubs from paying women MORE than men. It's all part of the War on Women!
If she does, then we will have 7 million, one hundred thousand and one on Obamacare! (According to Dear Leader who apparently knows numbers the system isn't able to produce when anybody asks)
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Bush Candor Could Win the Day

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 6:05 PM
Ronald Reagan was effective because he learned from his mistakes. I doubt that knowing what he learned from the amnesty situation, that he would have done that again. And I don't know of anyone who doesn't want to see a strengthened curriculum that becomes a standard to measure students by.....but from what I have seen of Common Core, it is a total waste. It's as if the premise for it is supposed to outweigh any actual benefit. Liberals DO infect everything they do with their agenda, and it never results in anything useful while always costing a bundle of money.
What a shame it is that when trying to guess anything Obama does, it is based SOLELY on the political ramifications of an election. NEVER can we conclude that Obama will do something just because it is the RIGHT thing to do. That is not in his DNA.
Has her successor mastered the art of looking down her nose at people, which seems to be a requirement of those in key Obama regime positions!
In saluting a despicable public "servant", Obama continues to repeat lies about the numbers of insured under Obamacare. This is a "two-fer" for a tyrant who loves poking his finger in the eyes of Americans.
That is a SAFE prediction. It's not fair that you understand the despicable hearts of liberals.
There is no evidence that Nixon actually used the IRS to intimidate anyone. He apparently threatened to do so.....and STILL was forced to leave office. Obama is doing the REAL thing and yet MSM remains silient.
Is it that they have "chosen" sides.....or is CBS already compatible soul-mates....just doing what comes naturally for them, but under the cover of "freedom of the press"?
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