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It seems like it, doesn't it? While there are some Repubs who probably should honestly become Dems....I just think that most of them are cowered into fearing PC, and what MSM thinks of them. They go out of their way to say stuff to counter whatever the Dem propanda machine puts out.....rather than just telling it like it is. Maybe I give them too much credit for being smarter than they sound, but calling them cowards isn't very complimentary either.
The problem with polls, is the Repubs never act like the American people are on their side when the polls clearly show that. That have no killer instinct....instead they worry more about "conventional inside the beltway" thinking rather than common, everyday Americans.
The American voters should eschew people like Eshoo, a typical Democrat who has never intersected with reality.
This is how Barack Hussein Obama is destroying the country. By appointing people who think like him who will hire other people who think like much of his corrupt agenda gets done without a paper trail that leads from Obama.
MSM has to remain true to Obama. They helped create him, got him elected and have defended virtually everything he has done. Being "honest" is not an option for them.
Coming from lois who thought George Zimmerman should have gone the opposite direction. Make up your mind lois......what is anyone to do to in that situation, with or without a gun? Hmmmm?
Yeah that IS odd since libs are ALWAYS yapping about how great OTHER countries compared to America.
Photo ID will suppress the vote of dead people.
Liberals cannot give a sound explanation as to HOW photo ID suppresses the vote of minorities. They just ignore logic and facts and continue with their irrational moaning and groaning. Liberalism is a disease that adversely affects the brain and all capacity for reason.
The original point of keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers doesn't assure the woman's safety. She is still outmatched if he physically abuses her. She needs a gun to level the playing field. That ad is so bad that Harry Reid will be complaining that another billionaire is supporting the Repubs.
so will---do we fly in the billion children around the world who live under various forms of oppression, war, poverty and starvation? I guess we'd have to in order to meet your standard for compassion. Tell us how that can possibly work out! This is ALL politics with Obama AND YOU KNOW IT! Either that or you are incurably stupid.
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