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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 12:21 PM
There is NOTHING about Obamacare that is good. NOTHING! The premise that healthcare is a "right" that forces producers to pay for others healthcare is totally wrong. That's bad enough but the program is loaded with fraud, and has been continually altered by a lawless president for electoral expediency. It is WAY, WAY more costly than originally sold and people have lost plans they like as well as doctors. This law is awful and gets worse by the month.
I almost wish I lived in Iowa just so I could vote against Braley. Seems like every time his name comes up here he adds to his reputation of arrogance. Ignoring Veterans' needs to the extent he has is appalling.
These conflicting statements are a desperate attempt to un-falsify the if a bell can be un-rung. At the same time they want the data to still be unavailable. Oh what a web they weave..............
As Rush Limbaugh often says, Liberals are liberals FIRST....before anything else, whether race, creed, or ethnicity.
That anyone would believe what Hamas is saying is beyond naive and gullible. This is ignorance by choice...guided by prejudice and hatred. There is no attempt to see the plain truth that is before their eyes. Their world view is askew, as is their moral compass.
And many of them are repeat offenders trying to out-stupid each other. In Simon's case, it is more than stupid though....there is a mean spiritedness behind a comment like that elevates it to a despicable level.
So we just sit out the election and concede everything to the Dems? Is that what we do?
So we just sit out the election and concede everything to the Dems? Is that what we do?
Obama may not "change the law". Instead, he would put pressure on Congress to do that. He may try to make this an election year issue to make Repubs look bad and get the people with subsidies to the polls.
In a sane world EVERYBODY in America should be LIVID with the Democrats who passed this law WITHOUT READING it, and without a SINGLE Republican vote. This ruling is an indictment on the stupidity and arrogance of a party that was intent on passing this horrible law come hell or high water. But, alas these are not sane times, so we don't know where this goes from here.
THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO WIN THE SENATE....even if it means voting for "RINO's" (ugh!!!). We cannot allow Harry Reid two more years....and we cannot allow Obama and the Dems to continue packing the courts with liberal judges----and especially to swing control of SCOTUS to the libs. Here we have a clear cut ruling based on the language of a bad law which could be overturned by a liberal court and allow Obamacare to survive. Do we want to chance FIVE liberal judges being in SCOTUS by the time this case gets there?
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