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Obama and his fellow Democrats don't know how to interact with a grownup. Netanyahu is head and shoulders above all of them.
Sad to say, you are right. I emailed McConnell to tell him how cowardly his action on the Homeland Security bill is. This isn't what we voted for in November.
All matters relating to Obama's "executive amnesty" should be put on hold..............................PERMANENTLY!!!!!
Hello atb---historians should be harsh with Obama, assuming that all that WE know about him becomes common knowledge. And assuming that people will still care about the Constitution after he's gone.
Not a Dem. This is a badge of honor among libs.
Obama has only 22 months to do this.....but I am certain he will give it his best shot. He's running out of money sources to fund his he will lawlessly invade our 401K's.
When she was first nominated, we were assured by some on our side that she has been a responsible jurist and will not be swayed by politics---perhaps the best AG candidate we can expect from Obama. Given her testimony however, I agree that the Senate would be totally out of sync with the rule of law to confirm this woman. Sadly probably is true that she is the best we can hope for from Obama.
So a liar was hired by a liar to clean up a nest of liars at the VA. Sounds sooooo Obama-esque.
Um, excuse me....but didn't the Davidians pay a steep price, as imposed upon them by an out of control government? You should be embarrassed to use them as an example to prove your point. That was a dark day for America. As I recall, the Davidians (despite their false teachings) were NOT killing people in the name of Christ.
And police are not killing blacks every single day...which is what Obama and his ilk try to convey with each "opportunity" that comes their way which almost always requires denial of facts and total misrepresentations. The same can be said about his attempts to impugn Christians......Jews.......and the Tea Party.
It shouldn't be up to the rest of the world to cover for Islam being "hijacked" by radical extremists. A billion muslims should be able to fight that battle themselves. Meanwhile, those of us who are under constant attack should identify ISIS for what it is: An Islamic terrorist group who is an enemy of all free thinking people.
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