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So, how long before Eric Holder initiates a law-suit against Rick Perry and/or the State of Texas? 10......9.......8......7.....6........5..........
Prosecutorial lubricant, so to speak?
Sadly, the "right" people for Obama are the WRONG people for US!
And the strange thing about low Congressional approval is that it is strictly institutional. Most people approve of their individual representatives.
"....... IRS officials need more time to look into what emails they still have." The IRS can look....but there had better be an independent prosecutor looking over their shoulder, every second of the way!
annfan---I agree that we need more conservatives....but that will take time. We HAVE to win the Senate with what we have in order to stop the bleeding. THERE NEEDS TO BE SOMETHING LEFT FOR A FUTURE CONSERVATIVE PRESIDENT TO RESUSCITATE. We must have control of the Senate in order to stop Obama from packing the courts with liberals....and from possibly appointing a swing liberal vote in SCOTUS. Of course, none of that is a guarantee....but our chances improve greatly with Senate control.
He should be (and would be) at 75% disapproval, but for his propaganda arm---MSM. It is becoming apparent to more and more people that this community organizer just isn't up to the job. Many of these people still have no clue that Obama is purposely destroying the country. They cannot conceive of a president actually doing that.
"Obamacare's coverage provisions no longer apply in these areas." Now if only those words will one day apply to the 50 States. This law is not appropriate for ANYONE!
Maybe....but Obama will continue his destruction of America right up to his final day in office. bad. He is leading the Benghazi Special Committee. That will just make another bunch of people very nervous.
The Gowdy committee hasn't even begun yet. That will be nervous time some IRS bureaucrats......and on up the chain to whoever directed the targeting.
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