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War is something that our enemies can declare on us.......but we must not reciprocate because then they might REALLY get mad at us! Obama foreign policy, in a nutshell.
What is there to investigate? There is a VIDEO!! A video was ALL that was needed to jail that guy involving Benghazi......why isn't it enough here? It just SOUNDS good to say there is an investigation....but, of course now that just provides cover to say "We can't comment regarding an ongoing investigation". Thus, this issue is pretty much closed.
Corbett----I understand your point......but I'm talking about the substance (not the remedy) in each case......which would be NO substance at all regarding Perry, and quite the opposite regarding Obama. Yet this sham grand jury indicts Perry.....but would deny there is even a case against Obama.
And who represented Governor Perry? I guess that would be NOBODY!
Good catch, Dan!
Would these same people be scoffing at Boehner's lawsuit against Dear Leader Obama for REAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, ACTUAL abuse of power? I thought so.
Why isn't Holder in Salt Lake City investigating the shooting of a young white man by someone "other than white" (which, in fact was a black policeman)? Isn't there a grieving family there who ALSO is in need of justice? Oh, wait a minute.....that doesn't count! There is no political hay to be made out of that situation. And Eric Holder is NOTHING, if not political in ALL that he does as AG.
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In Ferguson, a Race to be Wrong

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 8:27 AM
"That video is almost surely irrelevant to Wilson's state of mind, since the police said he didn't know about the shoplifting incident." Maybe. But what about BROWN'S state of mind? He knew what he had just what would HIS reaction be when confronted by the police? He must have thought Wilson knew...and his reported actions seemed to reflect that.
"Millennials Aren't As Liberal Once They Start Making Money" This truism must have been duly noted by one Barack Hussein Obama, who is doing his utmost to keep young people unemployed. He thinks of EVERYTHING!
If a Democrat politician is against a particular law, he or she is exempt from it. It is a perfectly allowable perk of liberalism.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 8:06 AM
If Black Panthers publicly calling for the murder of a white cop isn't a "hate crime", then what, pray tell, is? Yet, there is no condemnation of this on MSM. But....a white person mentioning the word "watermelon" in the wrong place.....then it's "Cuff him, then throw the book at him!" time!
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