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And here I thought that Lois Lerner plead the fifth on TWO occasions only because Republicans were mean to her.
Everything is cool. Obama will get to the bottom of this.
As far as lois is concerned, the Dems are incapable of scandal. They are "entitled" to violate every law and nuke every ethical code to further their power. lois is here to mock our outrage at very REAL crimes. That is her only function here.
It's like the "I won't add a SINGLE dime of new taxes" promise. More like a thousand billion of them.
So when do the firings begin? The resignations? The censures? The impeachments? What does it take to get heads chopped off (figuratively) in this wickedly corrupt administration? How do prosecutions occur when the highest ranking law "enforcer" is at the center of every crime......and he has 100% backing from an equally corrupt POTUS? Thank you to all of the knuckleheads who voted for these people!
I too. Only, I fear he will never go away. He'll probably establish some think tank in DC, staff them with activists whose only purpose is to protect his "legacy" and call any attempt to undo his "accomplishments" as racist. And his own mouth will be constantly spewing criticism of ANY Republican president.
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Holder's Race Card

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 7:37 AM
Excellent comment.
I fully agree. They agree with the liberal agenda, and they like hobnobbing with the liberal elite of which they are part. They will do whatever they must to protect the Obama regime......and to avoid confrontation with the powers that be.
Yeah.....I remember she was able to draw a crowd of 10 or 11 people at a campaign event for Obama. Sounds like a good choice! :-)
Sink has Sunk. Jolly is Jolly-er.
Obama's "gift" is in appealing tothe worst in human nature with promises of undeserved goodies. He has ZERO ability to persuade anybody by the merits of an argument
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