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Sure, sure, keep the case alive. You never know when you may need another riot.
And when uttering these inanities. she always looks like she's being profound. Poor, poor mush-brained, delusional Nancy.
This was NEVER a racial incident, but the Inciter in Chief----while calling for calm---tries turning this into a "learning moment" about resolving racial problems. Once again he displayed empathy for Michael Brown and his familty.....but not a word about Darren Wilson and his family. This is the way of Barack Hussein Obama, community organizer. And once again Obama has sided with the wrong-doer because he is black, regarding an incident in which he had no business intruding himself.
Okay Barack....but save those words for when there really IS a racial incident. Not for a trumped up case like this, thanks in part to you and Eric Holder intruding yourself into it in the first place.
The Dear Leader Obama makes a national address calling for calm as if this was ever a racial incident in the first place. The Grand Jury has said that Officer Wilson had reason to fear for his life....and that he committed NO crime. This was NOT a racial incident. Yet Obama says we must find solutions to racial tensions. YEAH---how about NOT turning a tragic incident into a race issue? How about the race mongers keeping their mouths shut and not inciting crowds for political purposes. And what about Darren Wilson? He had just responded to a call involving a mother and a young child with a breathing problem.....and he stayed with them until the EMT arrived. Does anyone know if she was black? If so, shouldn't that tell us whether race is an issue with Officer Wilson?
"I can see nuance that no other mortal can see. I am gifted beyond your imagination, so just bow, and be grateful for my presence."
"Even former Obama spokesman Jay Carney is conceding that perhaps the president wishes he could take some of his previous words back............" Only a liberal would suggest taking back words that were the TRUTH!
"They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. They're tremendously well-funded. This is beyond anything that we've seen.......the sophistication of terrorism and ideology married with resources now poses a whole new dynamic and a new paradigm of threats to this country." Chuck Hagel Aug 2014 That was the beginning of his downfall. He was too truthful......and truth is NOT tolerated in the Obama regime.
And annual "summers of recovery"!
Once he said "It's a beautiful day today". And it actually was!
The "Gruber Stupid Americans" model once again in action. Sorry Barack, but the cat is out of the bag. NOBODY trusts you anymore!
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