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Cruz is 100% correct in what he is saying.....yet he is viewed by the GOP establishment as an extremist. To them, Obama is just another Democrat president. Talk about having having ears, but not hearing....and having eyes, but not seeing. These fools, in their ignorance, are enabling a Marxist takeover of this country. I'm not at a point yet where I think THEY are Marxists......but I do believe some of them have an agenda that is at odds with what they professed in order to get our votes. These next two years will be especially dangerous, because too many of those, for whom we voted to represent us, are not up for the fight.
"I fully reject that federal judge who is using the law to prevent me from imposing MY will. Despite his ruling, I will continue to implement my plan to change immigration law and will punish any immigration agents who defy my unlawful instructions." Barack Hussein Obama......"Jerk in Chief" dictator!
loooois, you care SO much about the poor, that you continually vote for people whose policies KEEP poor people poor. Their "good intentions" are good enough for you, even though the results are horrible. You just feel soooo good because you care.
Yes, but it NEEDS to be regulated, you see. It's regulate first, and ask questions later.
How can a healthcare system that is MANDATED, under penalty of increasingly huge fines, be touted as loved by Americans simply because they are signing up? That alone reveals the disingenuousness of the arguments that libs make on behalf of Obamacare.
Net Neutrality must be approved before we find out what's in it. Obama made sure all of this would be kept secret. Hmmmm, I guess he wanted to surprise us with all the good stuff, huh?
Yes, they have. But we didn't need this poll to prove it.
Marxists NEVER, EVER stop in their march rob us of our freedom. Rest assured that he will do whatever he can get away with....which, apparently is just about anything. Actually, I'm surprised he started out so small here.
Which is the point I was making------that whatever the House wants (because they are sooooo Tea Party-ish), the Senate will reject.
Obama has announced a "executive" ban on a bullet used for the AR-15. The Repubs will probably yell about this.......but ultimately do NOTHING about it.
Apparently, the Republican leaders in the Senate take their cues from the House Republicans....which is to do the exact OPPOSITE. We won NOTHING this past November. All we get is rhetoric from the GOP, but in the end everything goes Obama's way.
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