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Amtrak is running. Just ask Senator Blumenthal. :-)
Delay, after delay, after delay. All for a program that was needed ASAP---we supposedly had a healthcare crisis!! Apparently, crises take a backseat to elections that need to be won.
And NOT using aborted babies to power homes will somehow right a wrong? This will soothe the collective conscience of our nation? I'm sorry.....but this is nowhere near enough!
The compassionate Dems make it a point to reach out to dead people---so that they won't feel more disenfranchised than they already are.
But we cannot have voter ID because somehow it is discrimination. NOBODY can explain WHY it is just IS! I'm thinking that a fraudulent vote cancels the legitimate vote of a person of ANY color. Shouldn't THAT be the concern?
............and he works less than 30 hours per week.
Just as planned. Obama is smiling over how easy it's been.
There was some semblance of sanity in the Democrat Party in those days. Some of them wouldn't go along with something that the WHOLE country hated. By 2010 the Dems were insanely obsessed with power and eager to go against the will of the people.
......and lois says the GOP's #1 priority is to get between you and your healthcare. How empty headed is that?
lois.....did you REALLY say that?.....I mean, has your Obamacare defense come to this?
Is stupidity a badge of honor in the Democrat Party? Considering how willing Dems like that woman are to open their mouths to dispense utter ignorance, it must be.
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