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The "law of the land" which King Barack gets to change at will to suit his political whims.
"Maybe Democrats Should Have Read Obamacare Before They Passed It" And maybe they should have written it as well, instead of deferring so much of it to HHS Sebelius with their multitude of "As so directed by the Secretary" clauses. Not that the law it would be much better....but at least those who DID read the bill would have known much more about it a whole lot earlier.
The ones that were supposed to be his, but were in fact someone else's?
Speaking of Kerry, he served in Viet Nam.
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

rmt5 in MA Wrote: 20 hours ago (4:56 PM)
And to top it off, Obama will be running shuttle flights to Honduras to pick up "the children" and bring them to our country where they will be allowed to run free. This will save "refugees" the trouble of travelling through Mexico. It's the decent thing to do you know. And we will have the privilege of paying for the Dear Leader's beneficence. Just think, there are billions of people who need to come to America.....Obama has so many future Democrat voters to choose from. He may have to rob our 401K's to cover this. Oops, chalk up another exec order!
Like Obama and his "I don't need news reports about anything because I already know it!"
A defender said "............misleading the public about Obamacare's contents is justified in order to "win." Prominent Democrats agreed. Democrats think that about EVERYTHING! There is scarcely an issue that they DON'T lie about. Lying, deceiving and misleading are institutionally approved tactics of the Democrat Party. Why? Because they know what's best for the rest of us poor schlubs, therefore it's justified.
The political will for impeachment won't occur until more than 50% of the people are for it. Impeachment isn't viable now...but the GOP needs to be educating the citizenry about Obama's power grabs, and his lawlessness. I don't think they are voicing this nearly as much as they should. Op-eds should be taken out, and more press conferences given to address these things. And it must come from MANY Repubs, not just a few lonely voices.
JT---I agree about the ideology. However, there is an anger which resides in Obama that prevents him from any sense of compromise. He is bound and determined impose his ideas regardless of Congress, the courts or the will of the people. In this case it IS the man (in addition to the ideology), because it is HIS will that must be satiated. He is willing to blatantly defy the rule of law---whereas other libs tread much more lightly. Maybe it is because he knows he can get away with a lot because of his race.
Barack Hussein Obama is a scourge on everything that this country cherished for 232 years before his ascension to the throne. Freedom, prosperity, and the rule of law are anathema to this man who is consumed by his hatred for America's values. Obama is purposely imposing chaos and confusion in a manner consistent with his worship of Saul Alinsky. We are on the brink of total collapse as a nation. These next two and a half years will be devastating unless this madman is stopped. EVERY check and balance at our disposal needs to be thoroughly applied.
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