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Polls: Obama, Obamacare Hit New Lows

rmt5 in MA Wrote: 10 hours ago (3:28 PM)
And just think what his poll numbers would be if people realized that most of the bad stuff he has caused is ON PURPOSE!
Whether a conservative or liberal, we should oppose ALL assaults on the Constitution by presidents on our side, even if for no reason other than the horrible precedent that is being set. For example, can Democrats and MSM reasonably whine if the next Republican president unilaterally alters laws pertaining to Obamacare, abortion or the environment? Of course not....but hypocrites that they are, they will won't they?
"Political pragmatism" involves recognizing who your political opponents are. It is NOT wise to deal with Obama and the Dems because they are radical leftists with NO willingness to compromise. They demonize the right no matter what they do or not do. Pragmatism, in this case, is to let the left hang themselves rather than offer them a lifeline. They have to be defeated.
"For the past month, the House has been engaged in intensive efforts to pass legislation that would compel the president to do his job....." That is exactly what is wrong with trying to pass a law----Obama, the lawless one, will refuse to enforce anything he doesn't like----even if it ever got to his desk and he signed it. He and his minions would just continue to say that the border is secure even while he continues to ignore the law. This legislation is all theater by the party that I want to succeed by doing things the right way. Sadly, they continually back themselves into action or inaction on the basis of false premises which the left routinely set.
It IS the case! He was mocking that wiseguy little shrimp from the Obama regime who called Bret Baier of Fox News "dude" .
If this involves including Cruz and/or Blackburn's proposals then at least there will be some teeth in a bill that Reid will surely not allow a vote. Just have to hope that establishment Repubs don't join Obama and Reid in trashing the bill because of those provisions.
Maybe there are potential whistle-blowers squirming in their seats in reaction to this news. "Should I, or shouldn't I" must certainly be running through their minds right about now.
The race is on to see if Obama can turn SCOTUS liberal enough to "vindicate" him on any number of HUGE cases surely to come the Court's way. Elections matter. We have to make sure the above does NOT happen. Can't sit out---no matter how obnoxious our choices. I wish it wasn't that way.....but when the courts are gone, so also is our country.
When will the rats desert the sinking ship? The Obama administration is already buried in so much failure and corruption, that they've decided to make the economy his legacy. The ECONOMY(of all things), believe it or not! When it gets to that point, that is tantamount admission that the regime is in the throes of disaster. So when do the Dems in Congress jump ship?.....what about the DNC?.....and what about MSM? How bad does it have to get before these rats slither overboard? Yes, they are incredibly sleazy and a big part of the problem...but isn't there a limit which even they can no longer deal with?
This is yet another case where I guess Obama would say there isn't a smidgen of corruption. An Attorney General who is held in contempt and a resulting claim of executive privilege doesn't look fishy does it? Oh no, nothing to see here people.
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