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True enough. However, in Obama's case he delegates RESPONSIBILITY to ATM's, kiosks, tsunamis......and, of course, George W. Bush! :-)
Obama put "Don't Mess with Joe" Biden in charge of the 2009 Stimulus.....and we all know how wonderfully that worked out. It's not surprising that an idiot would delegate responsibility to another idiot.
Regarding this military action, the Obama regime is almost impossible to second guess....because nobody can make heads or tails out what their FIRST guess is. Contradictions, walk-backs, and daily "clarifications" add to the fog of policy. Can't even call it the fog of war because they don't want to call this a war.
In that interview, Pelosi also talked about how the Republicans do fear-mongering---something the Democrats NEVER do! Yep.....Biden didn't tell blacks "They're gonna put y'all back in chains"......There wasn't a Dem campaign add saying that Republicans will throw granny over the cliff.....there hasn't been incessant accusations of a Republican war on women.....and Republicans are never accused of depriving children of an education, and school lunches. Sure enough.....the Dems NEVER do fear mongering according to Nancy Peloser. The woman is an idiot!
More nausea on the horizon with the 2016 campaign. Hillary Rodham Clinton inspires little else.
He should have been executed immediately. Every day he is alive is a plus for him....even if he is hungry. There are lots of people who'd be glad to put him out of his misery. Is he willing to die for his "newfound" belief?
Where is the balance in our culture where just a sideways glance or an offhand comment at a minority can be construed as some sort of "hate crime" worthy of being fired from a job or facing some sort of criminal prosecution? At least in the minds of most liberals. Yet.....we are so often lectured into understanding the mindset of hateful, murderous Islamic terrorists, who think nothing of beheading people in the name of Allah. And they harbor no reluctance about their intentions to kill all "infidels" in their quest to dominate the world. Somehow, we are supposed to understand that. And we are supposed to oppose them without calling them our enemies....and without calling our action "war". Why does our leadership continue to pander to such evil while trying to portray fellow Americans as haters beyond the pale? Something is drastically wrong with our priorities and sense of proportion, and will lead us to an unnecessarily sad demise unless we have clear-minded leadership once again.
Why make a prime time speech about such a limited effort? Oh wait!....Obama had bungled so many previous statements, he needed to sound serious and engaged. So this was merely a political show, coming from a man who says he isn't into doing "theater".
"Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?" I guess he thinks he can, so long as his Secretary of State is going around saying we are "not at war". It depends on what the definition of war is.
John Kerry is saying that we are not at war with ISIS. Even though Obama is basing his actions on the AUMF, and will bombing in a foreign land, this is not WAR? We have an administration fixated on calling things what they aren't and not calling things what they are.
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