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Live Free or Move

whaefner Wrote: May 08, 2013 11:44 AM
because you still have SELF-CENTERED MORONS paying attention to their CELL PHONES rather than WTF they are supposed to be doing!
remember the movie "Heavy Metal" back in the 80's? The movies writers had suggested that at some point in the future, the Useless Nations building would be converted to low income housing... Maybe that is an idea whose time has come?
welcome to Denver California!
he said to remove NON christian and catholic.... A.) REMOVE non Christianand Catholic justices from the US Supreme Court (2). NEVER again allow those who reject the foundation of Christianity to sit in judgement of our values.
I have a better one rpm... TSA (total sanity aversion) :-)
Okay, Tingles... PLEASE don't insult the memory of a GREAT man (something you'll never be able to truly understand) by using the name Obama and Dangerfield in the same sentence...
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The Blob That Ate Children

whaefner Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 8:01 AM
In Buffalo, NY... We spend just a few bucks shy of a BILLION DOLLARS (just for the city schools)... we graduated LESS overall than the LA school mentioned in the story, and black students graduated under even THAT! and they STILL WANT MORE MONEY!!! If I hear one more government idiot tell me more money - "It's for the children"... You'll probably just see the results on CNN, cuz I'm going to LOSE IT!
That DHS video... Produced by the SAME PEOPLE who told us that, in the event of a NUCLEAR BOMB going off in the vicinity - HIDE UNDER YOUR DESK!!! (You're hiding under WOOD! I think THAT was to make sure that, as you melt - the extra kindling would help speed up the progress!)
Would someone PLEASE tell me that I am not the ONLY one who remembers, back in the 70's... we were heading for a GLOBAL ICE AGE? We were "all gonna be living in IGLOOS" by the 90's!! Where the HELL is MY IGLOO?! Can anyone say it with me? Mother Nature is CYCLICAL in nature! the planet has it's 'ups-n-downs' and now we can see it...
I have two words.... EYE EXAM!!!! Alright, two more - MENTAL EVALUATION!!!
Thanks... THAT was a visual I didn't need! Happy Holidays! :-P
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