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Prtizker Nomination Shores Up Under-Represented Rich, Heiress, Crony Class for Democrats

wgraff Wrote: May 05, 2013 1:30 AM
And they have the balls to say that Republicans only care about the rich. These democratic hypocrites should all be thrown in prison, along with their beloved ahole and thief.

The long-expected announcement by Obama nominating Chicago heiress Penny Pritzker to the post of commerce secretary has helped struggling Democrats shore up support amongst a neglected class of voters: Cronies.

Under Democrats, cronies unfortunately have become victims of their good looks, immense fortunes and unlimited influence at the star-studded Obama White House.

But fortunately that victim status has gone a long way toward helping the liberal base identify with these victimized insiders who can’t help that they are rich and beautiful.

They were born that way for gosh sakes. They didn’t choose it.

Next month I...