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Don't these geniuses know that Sochi is in the tropics and that they had to truck all of the snow in. That's one reason this is the most expensive Olympics ever. They would have had better luck having them in Hawaii, the actually had snow there.
It is obvious from your vacuous statements that you completely forgot that the Democrats were in charge of the Senate and the Congress for most of that time. So when spreading blame make sure you cover all those responsible.
No, your just an idiot.
How can you be skeptical about a statement that makes sense? If you don't know about about something that interests you, most normal people ask friends and family. If you don't ask friends and family you may be a little different, but that's you.
One that is six feet under!
Who told you that Greenland was ever green? The Vikings called it Greenland so that when anyone else saw it they would say if that's supposed to be green let's go back! Then they named it Iceland because they figured people would say, if they thought Greenland was green I don't want to see what they think Iceland is. Hence no body went to Iceland after they saw Greenland!
If these "scientists" can't predict what happened yesterday, how in the heck are they supposed to predict what will happen tomorrow, much less in 10, 20 or even 50 years in the future. These guys would make better manure spreaders than scientists!
Bet you wish you could change your votes now. How your Governor working out for you, lose enough businesses yet.
Why doesn't the UN worry about this rather than taking our guns away from us. The UN hasn't been doing the mission it was created for yet. I would suggest that the UN move to Pakistan so that they can more closely follow the education of the children over there that want and need a good education. If not Pakistan they could try Nigeria.
IMPEACHMENT is the only solution!
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The Constitution’s Worst Amendment

wgraff Wrote: Jul 12, 2013 8:15 PM
We need to start a drive to repeal the 16th Amendment.
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