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When you say close to losing in the recall, you do realize that he won by more than he did the first time around, correct? You also realize that the unions brought in thousands of people to try and influence voters to not vote for Gov. Walker, and yet he won? So are you saying that the people of Wisconsin are stupid, or is it just you? Think about it before you answer.
Remove Islamic rep ellison from the Minnesota rolls and send his lousy butt back to the middle east. Do it before he is able to do any more damage to our country.
I am curious as to why you think that anyone concerned with the national debt doesn't have an economic clue? Do think that being over 17 trillion in debt to our adversaries is a good idea? I think that those who keep spending with no thought of how to pay it back are those with no clue. As to your thinking on why businesses aren't investing in jobs, you may want to look at the government for the reasons. Regulation, regulations and more regulations, not to mention Obamacare. So pull your socialist head out of your butt and try breathing some fresh air, it might clear your brain, if it hasn't rotted.
Don't these geniuses know that Sochi is in the tropics and that they had to truck all of the snow in. That's one reason this is the most expensive Olympics ever. They would have had better luck having them in Hawaii, the actually had snow there.
It is obvious from your vacuous statements that you completely forgot that the Democrats were in charge of the Senate and the Congress for most of that time. So when spreading blame make sure you cover all those responsible.
No, your just an idiot.
How can you be skeptical about a statement that makes sense? If you don't know about about something that interests you, most normal people ask friends and family. If you don't ask friends and family you may be a little different, but that's you.
One that is six feet under!
Who told you that Greenland was ever green? The Vikings called it Greenland so that when anyone else saw it they would say if that's supposed to be green let's go back! Then they named it Iceland because they figured people would say, if they thought Greenland was green I don't want to see what they think Iceland is. Hence no body went to Iceland after they saw Greenland!
If these "scientists" can't predict what happened yesterday, how in the heck are they supposed to predict what will happen tomorrow, much less in 10, 20 or even 50 years in the future. These guys would make better manure spreaders than scientists!
Bet you wish you could change your votes now. How your Governor working out for you, lose enough businesses yet.
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