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Corruption is only a legal term used to describe corrupt judges. Premature is the thinking capacity of said judges after their professional mindset has been encroached by politicians. Louisiana is just one of many.
Typical democratic blather. Sounds like she is trying to have it both ways. It won't work the way you'r going about it Mary. It's too obvious. Try having s_x both ways instead. I think you'll find much more rewarding.
Seems nowadys the police, no matter where they traverse, operate on the lowest common denominator level. Stupidity reigns supreme in our law enforcement offices across the land.
The very thought that the J&B co-holics (Jeb Bush & John Boehner) would be able to form a coalition that would govern out nation as democrat light and continue our demise is quite appalling. The message then would be obvious...it doesn't matter who is in power just as long as they can share it. So, I'll keep my vote statewide.only.
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Albuquerque Rejects Historic Pro-Life Bill

WfoxT Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 10:11 AM
Peers that NM has now come full circle. The once wild wild west that had been tamed has now succumbed to murder and killing at random. What else can you call taking a life using a concept that can only be referred to as, conscious depravity?
Rice said:"I think he's certainly frustrated but he is by no means depressed or down. He is his normal, active and enthusiastic self," ... Just wait folks...when Obumer realizes that bringing America down to it's knees is not working, he will no longer be his normal, active and enthusiastic self. Then his narcissistic self will be depressed automatically. Otherwise, what else can one expect from someone who takes her cue from Obama bin Lyin? She has explicitly lied like a rug before, what makes one think she is not lying now?
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Video: Biden Gaffe of the Day

WfoxT Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 5:10 PM
There was one thing that was totally overlooked. They made a big deal about Quale not being able to spell potato.He did spell potato correctly. Just because he put an "E" on the end doesn't mean he he didn't spell potato.
So your feeble mind is lost in a fog huh dotsie? Does 2008 ring a bell? Seems the whites voted Dem greatly that year. Which as usual, your posts have no credibility whatsoever.
Did you paint yourself with that same broad brush, dotsie?
Great line Progus,,,LOL
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