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If she changed their citizenship to there she would have to change their citizenship back. Simple logic.
The only delusional one here is you.
If we can't find a buddy he went with then its odd. Most pot heads don't smoke alone. So since nobody remembers him. Who did he smoke with?? Nobody? The other pot smokers would remember him. They always band together
Umm. We are kind of hoping you can prove us wrong here pal. That's kinda sorta like almost THE POINT. Sorry you missed that part...
I will second that and strongly agree.
But not as bad as what he is doing staying in office to do more damage
It's not about grades. It's about eligibility to be president at all. Based on citizenship.
Just put your head back in the sand. Anyone else would release them. But they prove him not a US citizen. Or he would release them. But he is scum and you are defending him like a fool.
Strange he won Ohio. Nobody I know likes him here unless they r black. And even many of them r turning on him if they work. I don't believe he won. Why does everyone want to see our country go down the shitter??
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