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The programmers are probably getting a bad rap on this. I can tell you exactly what happened (as I am in software). I am sure it took a long time just to get all of the requirements, this is a big complex application and they didn't have enough time to get it all to work by the deadline. The October deadline was a political one. The politicians decided it would be worse to delay than it would be to launch with bugs. I can tell you this site should not have been live. There just wasn't enough time to pull everything together. Based on what I have seen, some things will be fixed fairly quickly but I imagine there will still be some serious bugs for months. Those will not be as obvious to the casual user.
This should be the first example into why people shouldn't just believe the media and "TV scientists" like Bill Nye at face value.
I like it! I am fully on board. Look, we lost the election. We control 1 house, that's it. We are NOT going to get anything better than Simpson-Bowles. That much am sure of.
Reid is not much better, but at least HE is a decision maker. HE holds the keys. Geitner doesn't. Obama doesn't. You have to craft a deal with Reid. The Republicans gave Obama a chance to be a triangulator, and as usual he passed on that. I feel like this deal is his way of getting out of negotiations so that he can work on his tan in Hawaii.
Obviously the president believes they have all the leverage, so they can offer something ridiculous and the Republicans will start making all sorts of concessions. I think he overplayed his hand as unserious. The best next move by Republicans should be to shut the door on Obama/Geitner. They don't need to negotiate with him. They need to negotiate with Harry Reid. Obama is going to sign anything as he always does. He is completely unserious. He is NOT even in the room. The Republicans are conceding ground by even humoring dealing with his lacky Geitner who is an errand-boy for the president. I believe they will do this because they have done it before. They should laugh at/ignore the president's offer and begin actual discussions w/Reid.
First, let's understand what's going on. This isn't a deal the Republicans are going to take. Everyone knows that. It's a ridiculous deal. This is a classic negotiation tactic. The point of it of course is to lowball an offer so as to leave plenty of room to arrive at the deal you eventually want. Now there is risk to having too low-ball an offer. If you are coming from a position of weakness, you get laughed out of the room usually. If you want a house and you bid 50 grand under the asking price, 3 days after it's on the market - you are going to see the seller shut you out, bc you are obviously unserious. Now on the other hand, if you are in a position of strength, you see the other party scramble to concede ground...
Congress doesn't work that way. Obama is going to do what he feels like he was elected to do and Congress will do what their constituencies voted them in to do. They weren't voted in to lie down for Obama. That being said both sides have some leverage. The Democrats have more probably bc the tax cuts are already expiring. The Democrats don't want to give up anything for tax increases on the wealthy so the Republicans would be better off to wait for them to expire first and then agree to the only deal they'll get in the new year which will be the middle class tax cuts. At least in that scenario Democrats will own the tax increase.
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Walk Away, Republicans

wetheliving Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:50 AM
Ya they are completely unserious, which is a shame. It would be suicide for the Republicans to swallow a tax increase without any other changes. The Democrats get away with never proposing any sort of serious cuts. The focus is always on the red herring which is the top tax rate. I would just let everything expire. The Democrats will still "sort of" win in that the Republicans will have to settle a partial reinstatement of the Bush tax cuts except for the top bracket, but at least they aren't directly raising taxes, the Democrats essentially are the ones raising taxes in that scenario. And the Democrats are in power so they will more/less own the disaster of the markets crashing.
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