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President Obama to Assess Hurricane Damage With Governor Christie Today in New Jersey

WestTexasBirdDog Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 11:21 PM
I've been pondering Gov Christie's invite to Obozo to come see New Jersey. At first I was thinking that Christie had just handed Obozo a big ol' freebee. Then, just a few minutes ago, I had a new thought. I'm now thinking that Christie has just tied up Obozo for another day and week before election and flogged his butt to a nice chocolate cherry red. A day that Obozo could not go to Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Lubbock. A day where Obozo could not fly to LA and ask his Hollywood buds for mo' money. A day where Christie got to the podium first, and Obozo had to stand there with his hands over his crotch and act like he's paying attention and doing something important. Gov Christie gets the next Nobel Genius Prize.

President Obama will be in New Jersey today with Governor Chris Christie to survey the damage left behind by Hurricane Sandy.

The televised images of the two men side by side could help burnish Obama’s standing as a bipartisan, sympathetic and effective leader in the wake of the super-storm. They could also bolster Christie’s reelection hopes in 2013 and a potential White House run three years later. Obama is heavily favored to win New Jersey, which hasn’t voted for a GOP presidential nominee since 1988.

Christie, who endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney early in...