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Me too. When I hear Rep Gowdy is gonna grill someone. I tune to CSPAN and make more popcorn.
Pretty sure that hard drive scratches occur when the read/write head bounces off a disk. Next, pretty sure that on most hard-drives now days, the head 'parks' when the computer is turned off. If that head is 'parked' it is very hard to scratch the disks which are hermetically sealed (that means airtight). My point is, to scratch a drive on a laptop, it was probably dropped while running.
As for Mr Chapman, if one lives in a cesspool it doesn't stink.
Hopefully, AG Holder's troubled soul can find a little comfort when he learns that I also have a certain level of vehemence toward the white half of Pres O'BoutMe.
And, this DOJ cut back is going to result in the termination of how many civilian workers?
You beat me to it, but I agree that the administration's video declarations will be used and the witness list will be interesting.
Can't wait for Khattala's attorney to call Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to testify about the video that really cause the Benghazi riots. Gonna have to get more popcorn.
Just sitting here going through my memory of the problems that our Problem-Solver-In-Chief has solved. I'm thinking that there was that Egypt... er. Well there was the economy and jobs ... er. I know that here was something somewhere ... er. OK, never mind.
Has there been a mistake, error, crash, glitch committed by this administration that has not favored this administration?
Lets not forget the million or so South Vietnamese who disappeared into re-education camps after we ran. When asked, Hanoi Jane said those deaths that occurred after the US left were the fault of the US, not North Vietnam.
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