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Parting Company

WestTexan Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 10:47 AM
No Daryn, you're propagandized history is exposing you. There were economic and political issues other than Slavery which led to the southern States leaving. The US had no Constitutionally based argument to stop it. How can we be "entitled" now and not then, when similiar issues are in play, not to mention slavery (we are on the verge of being slaves to the State with the full implementation of ObamanationCare).
Drik Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 12:42 PM
Congress and Lincoln offered the Corbin Amendment,which would have forever legitimized slavery as an integral part of the US Constitution if the southern states would merely stay and continue to pay the majority of the bills and supply the majority of the raw agricultural materials. They said no.
For decades, it has been obvious that there are irreconcilable differences between Americans who want to control the lives of others and those who wish to be left alone. Which is the more peaceful solution: Americans using the brute force of government to beat liberty-minded people into submission or simply parting company? In a marriage, where vows are ignored and broken, divorce is the most peaceful solution. Similarly, our constitutional and human rights have been increasingly violated by a government instituted to protect them. Americans who support constitutional abrogation have no intention of mending their ways.

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