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Dude, the Brits need to take a real good look at themselves in a mirror. They're living in a plate glass house.
It's all in his (sasboy) use of the language. Abuse??? I'm sure Christian's are treated better than the terrorists, as they aren't hunting Jews at night...
Mr. Cameron, why not focus on the persecution of Christians in Great Britain? Not only are Christians under attack by the Muslim invasion, they are under attack by the British State. The Queen is the Defender of the Faith, when will she? When will you? Don't worry about Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, China, etc. Worry about Great Britain.
IF the GOP takes the Senate, I'm sure McConjob will help Reidovich flip it in 2016.
Exactly. He ought to stay (or not be permitted to caucus with the GOP) where he is, a loser.
A wise GOP would not count on reliability with this guy. Remember the "Maverick", a good little car but a really untrustworthy Senator.
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Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Legs

WestTexan Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 12:43 PM
I grew up in the UMC, I left as a young man, pretty ignorant. I tried returning in the early 1990's, not much had changed. My parents left too. I visited their "new" church (not Methodist), where I heard from the pulpit things not heard before. I've been a Baptist since 1992, a conservative Baptist. I have a couple of conservative Methodist friends, who still struggle to remain influential to reverse the decline.
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Barack Obama’s War on Free Speech

WestTexan Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 8:32 AM
The evil that is Obama and his minions knows no bounds. There are so many in this administration that should spend the rest of their lives in prison, that we would have to build more prisons just for them. Without telepones, cable, TV or the Internet.
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Death Comes to the Bishop

WestTexan Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 8:26 AM
Thank you Mr. Greenberg.
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