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Actually Chuck, if he were a Republican, his impeachment, conviction and removal would already be in history books for school children. Likely the next revisions would include the post removal prosecution, conviction and sentencing of the traitor.
Idiot. Ivy League just stands for treason, sedition and Marxist groupthink.
All that POS fraud says are mere words for media consumption. He is a total fraud, since the day of his birth.
I agree, billions of dollars and thousands of hours of training by our troops and they cannot protect a grocery store. The Iraqi people aren't worth the assistance if all they desire are sectarian and tribal strife. They are not a nation. Phooey.
Can they? Yes, to a point. Will they? Hell no they won't. With leaders like Beaner, McConJob and others, nothing will happen, there are no testicles in play in most of the GOP.
There are aggressive turkey basters lurking bushes you know.
So did her parents.
Maybe??? She admitted it before God, Congress and the American People. She is most definitely a sierra lima uniform tango. Now if she paid her tuition with any "earnings" she would be a whisky hotel Oscar romeo echo.
Double-coyote ugly. You gnaw off both arms, take one with you knowing she'll look for a one armed man.
Slick Willie'd do so faster than a speeding bullet.
Then she'll go out on workers' compensation due to back injuries...
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