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The blue dog Demonrat is a lie. There is no such thing as a fiscally conservative Demonrat, they are as real as unicorns and fairies... er, elves, yeah elves, fairies exist.
Death, doom and destruction.
I really don't give a rats' fanny for a "discussion", which is actually going to end up a one-way lecture that I've heard for nearly forty years already.
Correct, which is why I have supported strict term limits for ALL Federal offices since I turned 18. One term as a Senator is enough. Three as a Representative is enough.
IF Arizonan's reelect this demented fool again, then they have gone the way of Calitardia. McInsane deserves the boot and to be ignored until he breaths no more.
the slow drip of death.
Who is this Jolly guy? Why is he less than optimal? Who considers him less than optimal, the TEA party or the establishmentarians? I've heard of Sink, good thing she sunk, but I know nothing of Jolly, but then I live in Texas.
Yep. Secularists have killed more in the past 100 years than "religionists", and started more wars too.
The spiritually blind cannot see or hear. The birth of a child is proof enough.
Amen brother. A journey every soul in every generation must make. No one is born into a relationship with God.
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