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Our Useless White House Press Corps

westriversd Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 3:43 PM
I really feel sorry for those who, as part of their jobs, have to listen to these fake/scripted "news" conferences. The White House correspondents are AWOL and would be charged withdereliction of duty were they members of the United States military. What a joke? Problem is the joke is not funny when it amounts to allowing this man child to transform this once great country into a Soviet Union look alike. They failed but the press corps and dimwit dimocrats think they will do it better than the Russkis.

I don't always agree with Slate's Dave Weigel, but his withering piece on the willful obsolescence of the White House press corps came to mind today as President Obama fielded questions about the sequester.  Obama's initial remarks were filled with inaccuracies, misplaced blame and tendentious arguments -- but that's par for the course. The "question" and "answer" session was far more aggravating.  Let's review the transcript and recount just a few reasons...