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Obama Set to Discover Inheriting Your Own Mess Is Hard

westriversd Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 11:24 AM
Public education system = teachers unions. Until they are busted, no improvements will be allowed; only more money wasted. Secondly, it is time the federales get out of the business that should be left to the states, local school districts and parents. That will work, once the power of the union voting and campaigning bloc is taken out of the local political scene.

From Afghanistan to the economy, the to-do list facing the president of the United States is extensive and overwhelming. Townhall breaks down the challenges Obama inherited ... from himself.


From Townhall Magazine's December feature, "The Next Four Years" by the Townhall Staff:

For four years, President Obama and his team never failed to remind Americans of the state of the country he inherited from his Oval Office predecessor. The mess left at the end of Obama’s first term, however, makes the...