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Jack Lew Officially Nominated to Head Treasury Department

westriversd Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 3:27 PM
Another mahvelous announcement of promoting people beyond their competence. The entire white house and the future, if approved, cabinet made up of ideologues and sycophants who know only how to say yes, sir, three bags full. Whatever you want sir. Oh, by the way does George and his non-profits agree with you, sir?

President Barack Obama has officially nominated his chief of staff Jack Lew to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. On his way out, Obama credited Geithner with having a "steady hand" throughout the past four years while he navigated rocky waters of economic turmoil. He touted bailout and stimulus spending saying a large portion of loaned money has been paid back.

"When history books are written, Tim Geithner is going to go down as one of the finest secretaries of Treasury," Obama said.

In choosing Jack Lew to take Geithner's place, Obama is confident.

"“I trust his...