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Higher Taxes Threaten to Endanger Government

westriversd Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 7:45 PM
By looking at the numbers, the only group this really effects is the elderly and their Social Security and medicare. Note that foodstamp dollars still go up, yet social security value goes down. Let's just keep interest rates at 0 percent for the big banks and wall street and continue screwing the elderly who, in many cases, can't risk their savings in the stock market. Interest rates on savings will continue to be less than half a percent. Thanks Boehner. I am no longer a Republican and am going to register as an independent.

Amidst all the divisive talks that have occurred over sequestration, one fact has become abundantly clear: Democrats want to increase revenues. With Friday’s budget cuts set to take effect and a looming government shutdown March 27th, notable Dem leaders have hinted that any progress will have to start with more taxes, Politico reports:


"’Reid was noncommittal on the CR, but he insisted his party would seek new taxes as part of a deal to reverse the sequester.


’We cannot solve the problems of this country with cuts, cuts, cuts. We’ve cut $2.6 trillion....