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For the Children

westriversd Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 12:02 PM
So, is Congress going to let the EPA destroy our way of living and destroy our country just for the purpose of showing how powerful our Dictator and Chief really is and how he can transform us? Oh shucks, if it is for the children, mainstream Repubs. won't muster any backbone for fear of distressing some "Progressive/Communist expert" on MSNBC or ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or even Fox.
Seems that...." I didn't know" has become the fall back position for Obama's entire regime. It has always worked for Obama, himself. "I only learned of it through the news media" comments. I guess he really doesn't know much as they only report that which is considered to be good for his heinous, or is it highness. For the good of our military and country, Chuck,and the other Chuck in the Senate, need to go back to their country homes and sit on the front porch and just disappear.
Gosh. You didn't send it to Reince Priebus and the RNC? Goodness gracious, what will the ruling class think of you? Just maybe you will be lucky enough to stop receiving the same old RNC "surveys" and hogwash.
I guess Central America and Mexico have now degenerated to the point that these "refugees" are no different than the Vietnamese 'boat people' at the end of the Vietnam War? Why, instead of flying these "children" all over this country to some far removed aunt/uncle, we just use our military to fly them back to country of origin and let them take them back? We can't use our military to defend our nation/state from this invasion, when that is the only Constitutional reason our military exists, but we can use them to baby sit the illegal invaders. I wonder how much the DOD had budgeted for this Obama project?
How does this bimbo still have her job? After last weeks comments about Bergdahls squad teammates, she should have been removed from her public position and fired.
from Illinoise, you might want to add. Oh, and didn't she just inherit her job from her father, or, at least the political war chest and name recognition from her crooked politician father. Sorta like a Nancey Piglosi.
You folks, learned that from Obama, are the ones who elected Terry, the bought and paid for union enabler, McAwful. What did you expect? Now you have to live with it.
Because our President is one (non-American). It is very simple.
If the woman controlled her own body, an abortion would not be necessary. The abortion decision is because she did NOT control her own body.
Why, all of a sudden, is Mexico allowing these juveniles to just cross their border and traverse a couple of thousand miles of Mexican soil to then walk, swim or climb across our border? In the past Mexico has been known for their strict border control and arresting illegals. Is the Mexican government now in cahoots with Obama in creating a Latino Norte.
I actually believe Biden believes in America and our founding principles even though he doesn't have too many principles himself.
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