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Also, why don't we use our military for defending our own borders/shores. That is what they are truly authorized and paid to do.....DEFEND our country from INVASION.
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The Petulant President

westriversd Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 10:18 AM
I think you nailed it. Nearly 100 years of "progressive" influence on the people has reached a tipping point. Progressivism is Communism without the vitamins. Our un-education system, our anti-god/religion, our centralization of power and thought police in the media and Washington DC, etc. The list just goes on and on and the mentality of those who voted for this charlatan, even after they knew, or should have known, that he wore no clothes is astonishingly unbelievable.
Simple. Just take away the authorization for the borrowed money for the USDA to control our school lunches. The feral government needs to be cut down to size and this blackmail of state and local schools through the "largesse" of the feral USDA should not be allowed to continue. Certainly was nice to get all of that federal money at first, now we are hooked on it (just like a narcotic) and cannot figure out how to survive without it. How did schools survive before the USDA and the Jimmy Carter created Edumacation Deportment?
I got some toilet paper with his picture on it for Christmas.
So, another $100.00 added to the cost of a permit. Or, maybe it will be mandatory coverage on your Obamacare Health Insurance Plan. I don't think Medicare covers that visit to your doctor or in many cases your PA or CNP as many of senior citizens cannot get an MD for our General Practitioner.
Yet, nothing is, or can, be done to impeach/fire this in-your-face, whitey hating criminal?
An AC-130 target practicing near the cartel might work, duh? Why are all the illegals not considered as an invasion rather than refugees? We are the ones being held hostage by the illegals and our own country is no longer a refuge, nor are we a nation state if we do not have our own borders or our own language and demographic.
I guess if a bean bag hit the tail rotor just right it might break a blade or mess up the balance?
The Mexican "government"? have not apologized for the incursion? Why should they apologize. Our own government will not apologize to we, the people, for their incursions into our tax files and freedoms of speech and liberty. When can we expect Obama to, at least, call the Mexican President and extort some help from him like he does the State governors in this country?
There are not hundreds of victims. There are millions of victims. Obama would not have won re-election had IRS not prevented these conservative groups from getting out their information. The Democrat Pacs, er Pac Rats, were approved and were able to run their political attacks and ads, the Republican/conservative groups were not able to do so. Simple as that, period.
I am beginning to wonder if a national campaign and millions of CITIZENS, who are actually the bosses of the IRS, could be aroused and a strike/revolution of blank tax returns could be initiated? They couldn't arrest millions of people. Just wonder how arrogant they would be as the American people revolted and truly shut off their money source and their paychecks. Certainly less dangerous than what our founding fathers did taking on King George. The way our Republican Party is acting, only need to look at what our leaders did in Mississippi, they certainly aren't going to do anything even if we win back the Senate.
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