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A good and true article using common sense and logic. Too bad the folks who read/follow/work at the Daily Kos and similar "progressive news" organizations, don't have any common sense or logic in their mini-minds. I really believe the left hates conservatives and Christians more than they dislike terrorist Islamists.
You have a better option?
Why does he continue to refer to ISIS as ISIL? No one in the press or other governmental agencies have referred to them as ISIL some time now. His dislike of Israel just keeps on keeping on. Every time he speaks now, he makes himself look more and more uninformed and wishy washy. I would bet that he just can't wait until Valerie girl makes a decision on what he should say and do in the Me.
Flagged for idiocy and hate.
So many unforeseen negatives, or, possibly foreseen,but Obama does not care what happens other than buying the hearts and minds of the downtrodden illegal immigrants who will help create a one party oligarchy for the United States of America. At that point, we will no longer be the "United States" and we will fail to exist as we were founded.
So, just what are "the fundamental changes" that these 'organizers',racists, would like to see? And, just who is going to invent this 'system' which will preclude a need for "armed bodies of men to enforce unequal social relations as well as racism, social inequality, etc"? What a crock shiiite!
Yes, in the 70's had a bumper sticker which said "Do not Califrornicate Idaho". Seems this is still a major problem and will continue to be as long as the Department of Education/Socialism exists as the primary determiner of what our children and grandchildren are taught and the teachers still have mandatory unionism.
"Something fishy" is an understatement. Their "fishy" was and is prosecutorial and should be acted on by a Special Prosecutor chosen by the United States House of Representatives and not someone chosen by department of no justice Holder.
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CNN Refuses Anti-Hamas ad

westriversd Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 2:37 PM
If anyone wondered why even most doctor's offices and other waiting rooms no longer force you to watch CNN, now you should know the answer.
If our government will not admit to themselves just WHO the terrorists really are, how in the world can they defeat them and protect, we the people, if our "leadership" will not even identify the true enemy.
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