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Watch the RINOs sabotage the inquiries as they will be "bought off" by the Dems. McCain, Graham, and Boehner will manage to puposefully screw this up. In the end, nobody will do jail time. Just wait and see.......
What is the last time you heard of Christians and Jews strapping bombs on themselves and going to public places to kill other people based upon belief? Where in the Torah or Bible does it exhort its followers to kill anyone who does not follow that particular book? Christians and Jews kill also, but where in their holy books does it command them to do so? The koran commands it followers to convert, subjugate (slavery or second class citizen) or kill all infidels. Do the Bible and Torah have similar commandments, if so, where?
Funny, I went to college to learn a job skill and learn about "stuff". I met girls there too, but that was not the reason I spent all that money and time on college. Jay, you are not telling us that the real reason you went to college was to get laid, is it?
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Get Out of the Weeds

WesternMilitant Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 9:14 AM
Thank God I am not the only one who has been thinking this. The RINO Republicans whine about pointless matters to avoid having to act decisively. Such bravura. I just sit in wonder watching the he-men in action.
How long can he keep it up? Evidently a very long time. He got REELECTED. People knew what he was saying and they liked what he said. Enjoy. All you RINO Republicans who helped undermine our society over the years are also responsible. We Americans deserve this moron. I hope he makes this country hurt.
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Libertarians' Awkward Bedfellows

WesternMilitant Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 8:14 AM
"You cannot legislate morality". Really? Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that? All laws stem from a morality of some type. "Thou shall not kill". Really? Why? When we make laws, we are legislating morality. Gays should marry, or not? That depends on what you deem to be the "good" for the public. That is morality, folks. Morality: (definition) conforming to the rules of right conduct, virtuous conduct. Socialism and free market capitalism are both principles that are based upon a morality. They may disagree on what the ultimate good is and how to achieve it, but they are based upon a concept of a virtuous public good nevertheless. So please, stop with the "government should not legislate morality" stupidity already.
Our so-called "elites" are selling us out. Does anyone really think that 70 year old men care what happens when their Ponzi schemes fail? They do not, they will be dead and gone by then. I am sick of people who feed at the government trough constantly creating new ways to aggrandize themselves at public expense and with the result of a poisoned society. However, we the voting public must bear most of the blame for this. After all, we send 98% of these losers back to office each voting cycle. Ann Coulter is dead on about this article. Latinoes are NOT conservatives. And we are going to allow more of them in? Stupid is as stupid does.
It is only important to the half of the Republican party that wants to keep losing elections. 70% of Americans favor abortion rights. I personally do not like abortion (who does?) but I am sick and tired of losing elections to the communist and fascist. Drop this issue, start winning, and then after you have power, you can start pushing to change it. But to keep foaming at the mouth about abortion will only result in more election losses. Grow up and get real.
Grover Norquist is not a conservative although he is a Republican. He also hates Jews and is a Muslim jock-sniffer. The man is moral garbage. There are more than 1 billion muslims in the world. In WW2 no more than 17% of Germans ever belonged to the Nazi party. But that 17% told the other 83% when to jump and what to think. Same principle appllies in the Muslim world. Islam is a toxic totalitarian ideology that cannot coexist with Western civilizaton. What it cannot convert or conquer, it kills and destroys. Totalitarian. Try to get a clue.
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Who Lost Egypt?

WesternMilitant Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 10:05 AM
Egypt is not ours to have or to lose. Egyptians lost Egypt because they are so damn stupid. Stupid with Islam. Stupid with ignorance. Stupid with hate to Israel. Stupid with hate to the U.S.A. I have no sympathy for the Egyptian people. They are dumb as stumps and are going to start paying the price for it.
The BPA in bottles has been thoroughly reacted with a cross-linking agent to make the polymer. At that point it is no longer BPA. BPA is used to manufacture epoxy, polycarbonate, phenoxy, polyester, and polysulfone resins (plastics). BPA is insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and dilute alkalies and carbon tetrachloride. My source for this info is Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary.
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