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What happens when this disease gets released into the wild animal population of America? In Africa it is found predominantly in bats. But also apes and duikers harbor the virus. Do we know for sure that no animals can harbor it?
We were in a war long before any votes were cast. We were in a war when Al Queda decided to conquer the world and started the butchering. The real question is: What are we going to do about it?
We cannot employ the millions we have now. What does our government do? Look the other way as millions more pour into the country. What do we need with tens of millions of third world immigrants who only have, on average, a 3rd grade education? Automation is also replacing millions of us. Why do we hate blue-collar people and STEM graduates so badly that we want to see their wages destroyed?
You are so right, DoctorX. Fast and Furious did not happen. Neither did Solyndra (and dozens of other failed solar companies) or the failed auto makers. Acorn was merely a dream. The POTUS making laws up, or changing existing ones, all at his personal whim with respect to Obamacare? Nothing to see here. Yeah. Sure. Whatever.
You are dead on. Anyone remember Fast and Furious? Who has gone to jail over it?
Marine Le Pen is a socialist, too. Look at her platform. Not much there that is free market. But, she is very pro-French and very pro- Western Civilization. The French are starting to smell the crematoriums in their futures and are turning to a modern Joan of Arc. I hope for the French she turns out to be the real thing.
I know plenty of white liberals who would vote for him again. This author is on drugs. Once he gets compared to an actual Republican candidate he starts looking good to the progressives again. Yes, Obama stinks just looking at him alone. But when it is 2AM and the choice is going home with Obama or that cruel Republican guy or home alone, Obama will get the liberal hippy chic every time.
Oh please, Pat. If Hitler's, Stalin's and Mao's death camps cannot kill socialism, what makes you think that a little hiccup like Obamacare will hurt liberalism. It is a religion. It takes a lot to kill a religion.
The Republicans are partly to blame. But you find nothing wrong with the socialist policies that the Democrats are pushing? What about immigration where almost 100% of Democrats are for it? What about the fact that Democrats keep pushing for expanded welfare programs when we are going in debt already? You say the Republicans don't want to pay for it, you are correct. But what about the socialist who are constantly creating new programs that need more funding and channel more power to the government? Do you really think that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barach Hussein Obama are virtuous people?
Automation has replaced so many people it boggles the mind. We in the U.S. produce more steel now than we did in WW2 when we dominated everyone in steel production. We do it with 1/100th the manpower and now we are number 6 in world steel production. Steel is only one example. Computers, actuators, robots and control systems are replacing people like mad. Get used to it. Furthermore, studying moronic subjects like Black Studies and Feminist Studies does not offer any relevant skill set to use in the private market. In a nutshell: too many stupid, useless people. This will not have a happy ending.
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