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This is wonderful news!
I don't like guns. I think they are the Devil's Handwork!
I can barely understand this story because Toure is gayer than gay. And, the gays don't even want him. The gays wouldn't have anything to do with Toure's freakshow.
Tell it like it is Corndog2! I will never, ever believe that multiple millions LESS voted than in 2008. Never!
Incorrect. They cannot be booked without the prior approval of the programming director. All producers must get that approval first before even booking them.
1. Of course the election was stolen. Duh! 2. Publius never dreamed that someone could become President who also happens to be a foreigner who has as his sole intention -- ruination of the U.S.A.
Most of these comments are baloney! Obama won. Get over it!
Steph, the lying hag, Cutter.
As long as you get the heck out of the Republican Party -- who cares where you go or what you do.
The problem exists not with the Tea Party or Republican Party per se. The problem exists with the extreme religious faction of the Right. I noticed that the more irrelevant they become -- the louder their hyperbole. Hmmmm.
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