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Contempt For Holder? Not a Wise Move

wessr Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 5:36 AM
Yeah, the right needs to play more political defense and let Holder off. It would be another offensive score for the left. The right can't score if it doesn't play offense, Mr. Carter. Only, this is no game. Real good advice Carter; finance can turn you into unprincipled players; right up there with most lawyers. The evidence is really solid for a case of criminality by Holder and we should let him off? The highest ranked law man with others under his charge and possibly above his charge have many murders to account for. Yeah, lets surely not charge him even with being a martyr. Can't let the left have that against the right for the sake of politics. When will principle and rule of law win American's confidence again if not now?

Republicans actually have a nice story to tell. The economy sucks. Anyone with a brain knows it is being floated with money printed by the Federal Reserve. The world economy sucks. Europe is going to go into a deep slow down. Italy, Spain, Greece and France will go off the cliff.

The economies of Britain and Germany will be on a hamster wheel. All their production and growth will go into a state of “just staying even”. They will be like traders that have a bad position, losing you money each day, but your day trading keeps you afloat.