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Something tells me people that were lucky to get out and immigrated to here legally, I repeat, legally from failed socialist states are thinking these cry baby spoiled brats are disgusting cry baby spoiled brats. And the irony is, the cry baby spoiled brats want to turn America into a failed socialist state. Not knowing well enough the past is part of the problem but present day Europe teaches them, I guess they screwed things up (again) and the One's movement will stop the crying and get them what they want. Whatever. Probably why the One needs four more years; change has been fundamental alright, just not enough to spoil brats enough.
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Wanted: A Competent Commander-In-Chief

wessr Wrote: May 03, 2012 8:42 AM
You are going to regret taking your position. If you go along with the notion we deserved 9-11 or of the attitude 'can't blame them', your missing out from misinformed or ignorant of what you do not know (the bigger picture). National defense is rarely about war-mongering. Sharia is already making its inroads here and the vast majority of Americans don't like what that does and will imply if it goes further (their stealth Jihad).
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Contempt For Holder? Not a Wise Move

wessr Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 5:36 AM
Yeah, the right needs to play more political defense and let Holder off. It would be another offensive score for the left. The right can't score if it doesn't play offense, Mr. Carter. Only, this is no game. Real good advice Carter; finance can turn you into unprincipled players; right up there with most lawyers. The evidence is really solid for a case of criminality by Holder and we should let him off? The highest ranked law man with others under his charge and possibly above his charge have many murders to account for. Yeah, lets surely not charge him even with being a martyr. Can't let the left have that against the right for the sake of politics. When will principle and rule of law win American's confidence again if not now?
These Friedman like economists are not even useful idiots. Amazing; they don't even realize what comes out of their feable minds. And they insist on running a country!
Youthful reason has given their hope for the movement to have more unity to count on. Seems some of our youth don't like the course a ruling class has charted for them and charging to their account along with ours. This restoring our republic is catching on.
Even I have figured out the basic economics of how the world goes around. It is beyond comprehension that these progressive expert control freaks are convinced they know what and how to make the world run according to their wishes. When the millions of people every day have to make decisions on how they are to live life, the govt. thinks they can control all those decisions for us by their structured socially engineered, socially justified utopia that out of fairness has to be continually funded by a never ending spigot of the 53%'s money. Just give them four more years to get it done but besides always more of our money, it has to include we get out of the way or sit in the back and quit talking except to say thank you.
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Is Capitalism Dead, or Simply Dying?

wessr Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 4:47 AM
When will the fantasy of utopia die, for good?
Nullification. That is consent of the governed. People are going to have to decide; if laws are unconstitutional but they try to enforce it, refuse by any means to resist. If your local and state politicians try to worm out, petition, resist, refuse. A restoration of our original revolution may become necessary because, what's the difference now from then if it is worse now than then? It is worse now than then by the fact that defenders of the constitution have become its/our domestic enemy along with foreign ones' threatening. The idiots are allowing radical Islam groups to infiltrate our govt., military and intelligence by order of political correctness, multiculturalism.
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Overpaid and Complaining

wessr Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 10:34 PM
Federal employees didn't cause the govt.'s financial problems? I'll go along with that except that congressman who caused some of the problems did and they are federal employees, supposed servants of the people. Taxpayers didn't cause the govt.'s fincancial problems either but it sure ALWAYS falls on them to fix and we're getting really fed up.
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The Socialist and The Social Darwinist

wessr Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 5:09 AM
The progressive rhetoric and the dupes who follow it are continually living a lie. Their words are Wormtongue poison.
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