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San Francisco has something like 112 languages - should it be discrimination to not have all those languages dealt with in every company there? There was a reason that our founding fathers decided on one language. I am all for making the Internet more accessible with more languages, but each country should have as few legal languages as possible.
Has anyone started the petition to have him prosecuted?
2014 for sure - since that would help to stop leftist judicial appointments. Anyone for a Ben Carson and Allen West ticket?
Given that there are more factors than just temperature that determine how a glacier/ice pack starts continues and terminates.. And given that there are more factors to sea level changes than just ice melting.. Given that the current climate models are inaccurate... Given that temperatures have if any thing cooled in the last ten years... Given that global cooling is more worrisome than global warming... Given that animals and plants are better off with somewhat more warming, but not so much with cooling... Given that India and China are the biggest creators of CO2 and not much chance of getting them to stop... Given that H20 is much much more a factor than CO2 - by orders of magnitude... I see no need to panic. Moreover, Al Gore's mansion is at 198 feet above sea level - and the highway closest to his new mansion is at 29 feet above sea level - I don't see him panicking either. More information on the liberal agenda at agendadocumentary.com search.inallearnest.com
Now with 115,442 supporters and 34,693 NEEDED
That would be at: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/05/15/sudanese-judge-sentences-pregnant-christian-woman-to-death-by-hanging-for-apostasy/
If you dare come join me at the discussion about this same article over at rawstory.com. They are decidedly regressive so be ware.
Sign the petition at change.org: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/government-of-sudan-don-t-execute-8-months-pregnant-mariam-yehya-ibrahim-for-being-christian (with 93,632 supporters and 56,368 NEEDED)
I think the progressives (pronounced regressives) want to take us back further than 250 years. I think they want to take us back to the fall of the Roman Empire. More information on liberals is at http://agendadocumentary.com The movie tells a lot more. Even the USA Today ran an article essentially worrying that The US is dis-satisfied with the direction of the country. Lets hope, work and pray that that translates well in November.
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