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A Pea Party for the Tea Party

wes174 Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 10:04 PM
I would prefer to not be referred to as IT. I was a conservative, likely, well before you were born HAVING FOUGHT A WAR FOR MY COUNTRY AND HAVING A SON WHO HAS AND IS PRESENTLY I CONSIDER MYSELF A PATRIOT, MY HAVING A PHD IN ECONOMICS WILL PROBABLY NOT IMPRESS YOU ...AS YOUR OPINIONS ARE MORE VALID THAN FACTS...BUT HISTORY PROVES WHAT YOU DENY. Even though you renounce it history proves that without the progressive tax structure and unions you decry...America was in the industrial age a carbon copy of GB where 12 yo children worked for a few cents a day in 12 hour shifts. PLEASE READ HISTORY WHILE LEAVING YOUR OPINIONS BEHIND>>>IT IS AMAZING WHAT YOU MIGHT LEARN PS I AM STLL A CONSERVATIVE

Peas are all the rage when it comes to talking about the country’s fiscal woes.

You might remember that in July of 2011, when fighting over the debt ceiling, president Obama- right before he left for his 17th vacation at Martha’s Vineyard that year- complained about congressional inaction by saying that’s it time for the country “to eat its peas.”

From CBSNews:

"I've been hearing from my Republican friends for some time it is a moral imperative to tackle our debt and deficits in a serious way," Mr. Obama said. "What I've said to them is, let's go."

The president...