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The Death of Depth

Wendy in AR Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 11:04 AM
I have a FB account so I can see pictures of my grandson and his parents, since they live on the west coast and I am mid-country. When I get those "friend requests" from names I think are from high school (but I really don't know) i ignore them. Those folk did not think I was worth their time, and I have no need to reconnect to remember those horrid years of isolation and ridicule, and surely no desire to .... I have never watched a singing, dancing, or competition "reality" show... unless you count football or basketball in those categories.... and would not recognize a kardash-whatever if she was right in front of me. Self-respect, as well as the respect of others, is supposed to be earned and is not the 'free gift' of being born.
Wendy in AR Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 11:05 AM
(and surely no desire to....) reconnect with the people who were the primary drivers of said isolation and ridicule.

It's very likely that kids will find this column to be, like, totally stupid, and will conclude that they can write one sooooo much better. They will declare this on their Twitter feed, sandwiched between the hundreds of photos of themselves making that pursed-lips "duck face," then wait for the "friends" they've never met in person to tell them how hot they look.

That's because compared with 30 years ago, more American students think they're above average in writing, leadership, intelligence, drive and social skills, according to a BBC analysis of college freshmen data by psychologist Jean Twenge....