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MSNBC Host: Thank God and Country Abortion Was There to Save Me

Wendy in AR Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 10:34 AM
DCM, it does happen, but rarely. I do not remember the exact circumstances now, as it was back in the late 1980's, but a high school friend of mine was in that position. She had married the father of her child after she found out she was pregnant, so both were trying to do the right thing for the child's sake. As the pregnancy progressed and the problems began, and she got sicker and sicker, they finally had to decide that it was a life and death choice for her, with a VERY low chance of the baby's survival no matter what they did. They aborted. The marriage ended within six months. All were traumatized by the abortion, and it was worse than they expected. The baby was an "unplanned" pregnancy so it was the "right choice" ....

We're used to MSNBC's Toure saying outlandish things, but his latest commentary in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is by far the worst. During a segment last week, Toure went on what he called an abortion rant in which he thanked God and country abortion was there to "save him" at a time when taking care of a baby and becoming a father would have been inconvenient for him. He also refers to abortion as a "safety net."