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Home Published in Journal News Stunt Burglarized

Wendy in AR Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 11:32 AM
One thing this has done is prove the point of the county clerk in the third county who refused to release personal information to the newspaper's FOI request.... Anybody but me think that lawsuit will have a much higher chance of ending in favor of the clerk now?

Just days before Christmas, the Journal News out of New York published a story headlined, "Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?" The Journal News thought it was important to publish the names and addresses of every gun permit holder in Westchester and Rockland counties in the name of public safety and the public's right to know. Turns out, they accomplished the opposite by treating lawful gun permit holders like convicted sex offenders. The story received national attention and put gun permit holders and their non-holding neighbors at risk. Ex-convicts said the Journal News story was a...