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Treason does not have to (only) be taking up of arms, in this case subverting and disobeying the law, applying it unevenly, and disregarding the Constitution of the United States.
Not to hint at agreement with hiding a disability, but FDR lived in a different time in history, when the people were less likely to believe that a person in a wheelchair could perform in such a lofty position. Nowadays, we are supposed to know better than that!
If I am not mistaken, they already gave birth once in the US.
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The Cultural War Against Christians

Wendy in AR Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 9:32 AM
And that is exactly why the law is needed...... The bakers/florists/vendors were not discriminating against the PERSON, they were objecting to using their personal skills and creativity for an EVENT that violates their personally held religious beliefs. There IS A Difference in the PERSON and the EVENT.
If you truly believe that "good and bad are subjective", you are scary beyond all measure. You are actually saying that there is no absolute standard to use to determine what is good and what is evil. This idea is antithetical to all that this country was founded upon, and is the prescription for anarchy. If all good and bad are subjective, then the rule of law is also subjective, and any judge or jury can make any ruling they want in disregard to the written laws, as they are an arbiter of good and bad. This is a VERY dangerous way to think.
I have to point out, not EVERYONE who coughs when exposed to cigarette or cigar smoke is a jerk. I cannot stand to be in the vicinity for more an a few moments without reacting, and if it is more than those moments, I cough and wheeze for half an hour or more. It is not fake to make a smoker feel bad, it is a real reaction. And, no, I have never been diagnosed with asthma.
Obamacare did NOT pass with bipartisan support. REPEAT: there WAS NOT support from both parties on this law, Democrats ALONE passed this thing.
My husband grew up in West Monroe, and attended Whites Ferry Road church of Christ where the extended Robertson clan worships. (some of our family are still members there). My nephew played football at the school he and some of the Robertson grandchildren attend, and one of the cast members was a camp councilor at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca when my children attended there some years ago with their cousins. One thing, really. The whole clan is who they say they are! What you see really is what you get. Yes, many of them have college degrees and are quite smart and educated, but if you really watch the show, much of that does show through. The whole cast is made up of faithful Christians, folk who are faithful even when the cameras are turned off. Phil was only saying the same things he has said over and over again, that GOD saves us all from our sins, no matter what they are.
There is no emotional difference between a funeral and a memorial service. And such crass immaturity is inappropriate in any such formal situation, from anyone, from my toddler grandson on up to the "leader of the free world".
There is a creative process that goes into something like a decorated cake (birthday, wedding or whatever). Just look at the baking shows all over cable. Four bakers are given a set of criteria, and four cakes that result are totally different. I go to the bakery where the person I know has a style I like for my finished product. Hence, there is creative expression inherent in a cake you order to your specifications that is not present when you walk into McDonalds and order a hamburger, hold the mustard.
I left a thought incomplete, I meant to add that when ordering a cake, I look at examples of the shop's work, explain my needs, and together we decide on what i need. Then the baker does the work based on that information.
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