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Raw Numbers for School Shootings

Wendy in AR Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 9:46 AM
There were 'resource officers' in my public high school back in the 1980's. Yes, they were uniformed policemen, up to and including holstered firearms. They were there not because morons wanted to shoot people, but because there were drug dealers with weapons trying to get on campus and get access to 'customers'. The bad guys knew the good guys were there and that they were armed. There were no shootings at my high school.
If it just happened this afternoon, they probably don't have more info to give yet.
I have yet to hear any reason whatsoever that I should care what a football player/basketball player/actor/famous WHATEVER does on his or her own time. Do I think homosexual behavior is sinful? Yes, and and so is heterosexual behavior when it exceeds the limits God designed for said behaviors, be those behaviors of a sexual nature, greed, thievery, lying or any other numerous transgressions. I firmly believe what the Bible says, that ALL OF US have sinned and fall sort of the Glory of God. ALL of us. Every one, every person who has ever lived and breathed have sinned and need to repent and change our lives into the image of Jesus. Back to the original idea here, I don't know this person at all, therefore have no avenue to approach him and show him God's better way. therefore, again, what reason does he force his personal information on me when I do not need to know? Otherwise, please cease dragging me into your bedroom, and I promise not to drag you into mine.
I may not be correct, but I got the impression from the article that this sentence referenced mostly people on Obama's "side of the isle", not all people with an abundance of skin pigmentation. Outside of that, I completely agree with you!
I assume you also agree that a photographer should be able to choose her clients on whatever basis she chooses (and not to shoot same sex 'marriage'), bakers to bake cakes for who they choose (same event) and so on? If not, you are deliberately inconsistent.
Treason does not have to (only) be taking up of arms, in this case subverting and disobeying the law, applying it unevenly, and disregarding the Constitution of the United States.
Not to hint at agreement with hiding a disability, but FDR lived in a different time in history, when the people were less likely to believe that a person in a wheelchair could perform in such a lofty position. Nowadays, we are supposed to know better than that!
If I am not mistaken, they already gave birth once in the US.
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The Cultural War Against Christians

Wendy in AR Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 9:32 AM
And that is exactly why the law is needed...... The bakers/florists/vendors were not discriminating against the PERSON, they were objecting to using their personal skills and creativity for an EVENT that violates their personally held religious beliefs. There IS A Difference in the PERSON and the EVENT.
If you truly believe that "good and bad are subjective", you are scary beyond all measure. You are actually saying that there is no absolute standard to use to determine what is good and what is evil. This idea is antithetical to all that this country was founded upon, and is the prescription for anarchy. If all good and bad are subjective, then the rule of law is also subjective, and any judge or jury can make any ruling they want in disregard to the written laws, as they are an arbiter of good and bad. This is a VERY dangerous way to think.
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