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The Bogus Threat from Shariah Law

Wendy60 Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 12:52 PM
Chapman is totally out of his league on national defense issues. He has no clue what Islamism is about. Islamists hold no distinction between religion and the state, and they mean business. They are serious about destroying the Constitution and Western freedom in general, no matter how long it takes, and they are open to any method for doing so. Allow Islam to arbitrate in one case, and you have just established stare decisis for a dynamic, coordinated, heavily populated enemy movement. They will build upon it to undermine the Constitution because their intent is to destroy Western civilization, its ideals, institutions, and protections, like it or not. Chapman needs to take this course:

In the 19th century, Catholicism was regarded by many people in this country as thoroughly incompatible with Americanism. They saw it as a hostile foreign element that would subvert democracy. Today, a majority of the justices on the Supreme Court are Catholic, and they are taken to be as American as Mountain Dew.

We've come a long way in religious tolerance. Or maybe not. The belief that Catholics are irredeemably alien and disloyal has given way to the fear that Muslims pose a mortal threat to our way of life.

That distrust is behind a push in state legislatures...