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Red Cross Says Civil War in Syria

Wendy60 Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 1:11 AM
I knew it! I said this last week when the "stories" came out. I said the bodies were of rebels because they lost a battle in a civil war (sorry, I'm calling it a civil war with or without a formal agency), and I said the chemical weapons story was just scary vibe propaganda designed to corral us into superstitious intervention behavior, not actual knowledge. And let's give a round of applause to Tantawi! At least somebody has some balls and knows which way is up.

North Korea: The Korean Central News Agency reported a meeting of the central authorities that decided to relieve Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho, the Chief of the General Staff of the Korean Peoples' Army, from all military and party positions. The official explanation cited unspecified illness.

Background: The Chief of the General Staff of the Korean Peoples' Army is the de facto senior military officer in armed forces who commands all three armed forces. The North Korean General Staff, like the Nazi and Soviet General Staffs,...

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