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Poll: When In Doubt, Blame Republicans

Wendy60 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 11:05 PM
You don't get it. The neoconservatives will not accept the defense cuts, and they want more taxes - they are just pretending not to (except for David Brooks, who is out of the closet on this). The neoconservatives ARE the establishment. Whatever happens with the sequester, all the funding will eventually be restored across the board. Taxes may even be hiked again. What you are seeing is just for show. Paul Ryan will eventually work to get the funding restored, despite what he is saying now.
Panda Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 11:18 PM
VictoriaSecretModel Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 6:39 AM
What? Can't take the logic, Panda? Not surprising.
SMyles Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 7:56 AM
Grow up Panda my friend. I agree with Wendy. Not agreeing with her doesn't make her a troll. That's a democrat tendency to name call those that disagree. You moved on from that, remember?
Cappmann Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 11:50 AM
Logic requires factual basis, not opinion. So, in your infinite wisdom, please do point out the logic in Wendy's post.

General rule of thumb, guys: No matter what the facts may demonstrate, it's probably Republicans' fault.  According to Pew Research, a plurality (49 percent) of Americans want Congress to delay the automatic spending cuts scheduled to kick in one week from tomorrow.  Forty percent say the cuts should move forward as planned.  If no deal is struck, almost half of those polled are prepared to pin the blame on Congressional Republicans, while less than a third would point the finger at the president:

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