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Angry Gun Control Debate Does Collateral Damage

Wendy60 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 12:04 AM
What this column does is whitewash evil and graywash good. The left's position is to use government force to violate the inalienable right of individuals to own firearms. Any step they take in that direction is illegitimate, because the laws are already way, way too restrictive, and all regulations are illegitimate. The right's position is not that people should use their guns to prevent others from voluntarily "making no contribution to society at large," whatever that means. It is that we have a right to peacefully own and use guns without interference by the government. There is a night-and-day moral difference between these two positions. The left's position is morally bankrupt. It is morally untenable.

The Great Gun Debate shows American political discourse at its irrational worst; with both left and right promoting panic and hysteria that distracts attention from the nation’s truly menacing problems. Instead of addressing crushing deficits, economic stagnation, political gridlock, and the erosion of middle-class security, politicians and pundits obsess over gun violence—one of the few challenges where the United States has made dramatic progress in recent years.

How can the president and his supporters work themselves into a self-righteous lather over minor regulatory adjustments that have been tried before with no measurable impact on the rate of firearms...