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Obama only cares about Obama! It's that simple.
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Obama Blames Republicans for 'Dumb' Cuts

wendy185 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 5:46 PM
The man looks more and more like a bafoon every day. Who in the world takes him seriously anymore...blah, blah, blah, Barak. No one's listening to your bull. And please, please, keep your wife away from the TV cameras. With or without bangs, I am simply sick of the woman.
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Obama White House: Vulgar and Abusive

wendy185 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 12:01 PM
Loser? Yes. Because he is not capable of acccomplishing anything on his own. He simply does not possess the skillset. Therefore he blames his lack of accomplishment on others. In Detroit we call them slackers. You can't get rid of them because the unions protect them (hence their devotion to unions). You can't work with them because they feel entitled to what they do not earn. You can't reason with them because they refuse to acknowledge any fact that does not support their personal entitilement agenda. So hard working folks have to make-up, or pay-up, to accomodate them. It is the Rules for Radicals way. No accountability, just pay-off. No personal accomplishment, just hand-outs obtained through divde & conquer tactics.
You are so right Carlos. But.... you forgot to mention the no-fault auto insurance that forces responsible drivers to subsidize uninsured drivers, or the criminal income tax imposed on suburbanites who work in the city. I love MI and the city life. But, I'm not stupid. I moved to TN! Now I pay $0 income taxes, $20 for tags on my car, and $500/yr in property taxes. Here living in a big city is even better.
If you fire a rocket or gun at someone with the intent of killing them would that not be attempted murder? The fact that the aggressors failed to accomplish their goal, or kill, is irrelevant. At minimum the damage being done is to the law that governs our civilized society. Schiavocampo is an absolute moron!!. Maybe she should move there if she feels such bombs are not a problem. We would not miss her.
I love Katies parting thoughts "Whites,...aren't building up their race Ms. Giles, they're trying to protect yours". This is particularly true since abortion rates are the highest in the black community. These idealogues are sick. They use race, gender, wealth, and anything they can imagine to divide our country and incite hostility. The only hate that exists, exists in thier heart. Reasonable people see it for what it is... ignorant and shamefull.
ewj, if you tax the so called "millionaires" at 100% of their income, you would still only have enough money to cover 8 days of federal spending. What about the remaining 357? Any ideas? You might want to speak up because Obama is clueless.
Let me get this straight. I struggle with MS, battle repeated episodes of paralysis, months of blindness, seizures, spasms and the pain of multiple broken bones due to falling, yet I manage to stay employed and work my way through college. After graduation I faced discrimination due to my illness. Yet I perservered. For over 30 tears I lived very modestly in order to save for retirement or potentially catastrophic affects of my disease. Then Obama steals the money I saved and invested through mutual funds holding Chrysler bonds. And now YOU WANT TO STEAL what little I have leftt!!! NO WAY!!! Get a job. And if you can't find one, call Obama!!
The phone rang at 3:00 a.m. again, again, and again. Binden denied any knowledge of it. Obama slept through it...and then went to a posh fund raiser in Las Vegas. These two have brought our nation to a new low. Anyone voting for them should be ashamed of themselves.
Exactly. Maybe someone should tell them that Saul Alinksys ways don't work in the age of the internet. Voters can fact check for themselves in real time. Nice try.
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