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The MSM's Hyper-Racial RNC Coverage

weluvdarams Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 2:48 PM
Unless it's on tape, we should just assume the "incident" didn't happen. Put it in the same hopper as the lie told about the Tea Party in Washington chanting a racial epithet as black congressmen walking to the Capitol. Totally fabricated but reported as fact.

You're already aware that MSNBC -- America's self-appointed racist dog whistle truth squad -- oddly chose not to air numerous speeches delivered by racial minorities at last night's Republican convention.  They have a narrative to protect, and all that.  But the Left-wing cable news channel isn't the only outlet following Chris Matthews down the path of unhinged and shameless race-baiting.  The LA Times gets in on the act with an editorial cartoon and column accusing Republicans of using their convention to put a "