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If not for the gun, George ZImmerman would have been just another Christopher Lane.
South side of Chicago, huh? Figures. That's where vote fraud was invented.
Here's an idea. Anyone who shows up at a polling place without photo ID must be photographed holding up the name and address of the registered voter who he/she claims to be and then allowed to vote. The name shall then be backchecked. If the person was NOT who he/she claimed to be, you have a nice photograph to go after the fraudulent voter and prosecute that person without mercy.
None of us knows whether God exists. That's why it's called FAITH. But if you're wrong, you risk eternity in hell. If I'm wrong, it's likely that I will have, despite being a sinner, spent my life being more charitable and generous toward others than you will have spent yours. I feel like having faith in God makes you a winner either way.
Abortion Barbie has met her Abortion Ken. Fortunately it's not the guy whose real name IS Ken. Cuccinelli 4 GUV.
And then Doug Indeap threw some poop at people with whom he most primates do.
All this time I had been thinking the (D) next to someone's name meant he/she is a Democrat. Now I find out it means he/she belongs to the party of (D)eath. Silly me.
Sadly, we have jobs and can't spend all our time hanging out at various government buildings.
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Why Did Gabriel Gomez Lose?

weluvdarams Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 2:04 PM
Maybe we just didn't want to be audited by Obama's hyper-partisan IRS.
T-shirt idea: Florida voted for Marco Rubio and all it got was this lousy Charlie Crist clone.
Is this the SAME Elijah Cummings who said Tea Partiers called him the N-Bomb 15 times in March 2010 yet not one of the hundreds of recording devices being used that day picked it up? He's was lying then. He's lying now.
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