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McIntyre didn't vote for Obamacare because Nasty Pelosi didn't need his vote and he got her permission to vote no. Believe me, if she had needed a YES vote from him to pass it (so we can found out what's in it), he would have given it to her. There is NO SUCH THING as a conservative Democrat.
He should bake the cake and go to the ceremony wearing a T-shirt that says "Go ahead. Eat the Cake. I dare you."
And I'm sure you thanked the Democrat controlled Congress for the economic downturn of 2008. Of course you did. After all, the Dems controlled both houses of Congress for nearly 2 years when that happened. Right?
Really, Bob? You need to have this one explained to you? Sarcasm doesn't show up on your radar?
Do you have to punch out any chads to fill the thing out?
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