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Merry Christmas: This Tax Increase is for You, America

wellread Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:26 AM
Sure, I would agree they should expire for everyone. I already pay far more than everyone I know because I have been self-employed for decades, and pay the additional business taxes (which are lower, not higher since I have been in business.) But to solve any fiscal problem, we need to tax the wealthy at a more reasonable rate and trim the bloated military and the military complex. Lowest rates in 60 years and they still complain. More odd is that poor and middle class Cons are rooting for them to have even lower taxes. What was the top marginal rate in the 90s? 80s? 70s? 60s (gasp)? 50s (how did they ever survive?)

Let’s cut right to the end of the story: Ordinary people have already tumbled off the precipice.

There will be no dramatic rescue at the height of the tension, with crashing, ominous music turning to a sunshine ditty, a government handout straining to reach you, to save you from tumbling over the lip of the cliff.

Instead the government is going to intentionally bump into you, making it look like an accident, head turned away, mumbling an apology, much like a pick-pocket does in a crowd, with the object to lift your wallet.      

So, yes; however much they...

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