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So Bob continues to ignore reality. Not the extension, but the actual lowering of rates. Come on Bob, even for a Con you're failing to perform the dance around the issues. You can exclude the extension, but why are you ignoring the FACT that rates went down because of their policies? "the Obama administration has passed three major bills affecting the taxes people paid over the last four years. The stimulus, which included $289.6 billion in tax cuts; the 2010 tax deal, which included more than $800 billion in tax cuts; and the payroll tax deal, which extended the payroll tax cut and a handful of other policies through 2012."
You're preaching to the choir, who have their fingers in their ears and are watching Fox News. They aren't aware of tax rates and the history. They don;t even know that their taxes were lowered by the Bush tax cuts AND the Obama administration (not wise in my opinion.) It's hard to find an economist who thinks that coddling the wealthy even more is a good idea. Cons are scrambling to Google an economist who thinks otherwise.
Why do you call Conservatives Contards? That's childish.
Wow, Bob. You're really out of the loop. Bush tax cuts and Obama cuts. That would be two (in case you care to count.) Reasonable tax rates are the rates that worked for the US. Are you still advocating for lower rates than we have now, the lowest rates in over 60 years. What decade did you feel the rates were too high? The ones where the US did much better.
Sure, I would agree they should expire for everyone. I already pay far more than everyone I know because I have been self-employed for decades, and pay the additional business taxes (which are lower, not higher since I have been in business.) But to solve any fiscal problem, we need to tax the wealthy at a more reasonable rate and trim the bloated military and the military complex. Lowest rates in 60 years and they still complain. More odd is that poor and middle class Cons are rooting for them to have even lower taxes. What was the top marginal rate in the 90s? 80s? 70s? 60s (gasp)? 50s (how did they ever survive?)
My poor Conservative neighbors are trying. Really they are. But they are not living large, and they are embarrassed (at least some are... a few are really lazy, collect what they can, and STILL vote to the party that lowered taxes to the point where America suffers.) Fortunately, the Liberals are doing fine. I'm hiring in January and probably going to hire some more in Spring. The other Liberal neighbors and I are getting together to see how we can be "secret Santas" for the poor neighborhood kids (Conservative parents, but not the kids fault.) Thanks God for Liberals. We don;t despise the poor like Conservatives do.
Because lowering taxes never felt so good (and is great for the economy.) Lower please. The GW years have shown just how great the economy runs on lower taxes, and since Obama lowered them even more, KEEP GOING!
Which puts us back to square 1: We assume an even mix of "wise" in Liberals and Conservatives, but the Liberals are smarter. Education also cannot make you taller. I'm hiring smart wise people. I can't take chances on dumb self-proclaimed-wise people.
No True Scotsman.
Commenters is a word, and I think "commenter" was a better choice than "commentator" anyway. Katie's article was about the fact that more education = more Liberal. Thanks for your comment, commenter.
We have known this for quite some time: More education = more Liberal. Why are Conservatives still crying about this?
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