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Because lower rates have been increasing revenues? Show us.
I am hiring in January BECAUSE of Obamacare. I know you may have missed my previous post on this, but I could not hire my top outsourced worker until I could be sure I could provide healthcare. Impossible until recently. Cons are simply not listening or reading. It would be nice to have a discussion with Cons who have at least a few facts under their belts.
I pay more in taxes than Beverly. According to her argument and "logic", she believes she is entitle to my money. Not only do I pay more, but I pay a higher percentage. Beverly is a moocher and a hypocrite.
BK, I'm not going to do your homework for you. Google is available at the following link: Use this search engine to find what everybody else knows. Facts are facts, don't ignore them because you don't like my link.
Yes, I hear you and agree. A return to the second lowest rates for everyone will not be a problem, as long as the wealthy are returned to a reasonable rate. We know that lower rates in the past years has meant a worse economy, and here you advocate an even lower rate? Why run this horrible experiment any longer? Lower rates does not equal a better economy. Lower rates does not mean more work. Where have you been for the past decade? What is wrong with Cons on this site?
Tax rates are lower. Not sure who your accountant is, but change now.
So the military, who wastes the most money by a HUGE margin, is in your sights as well? I own a small business, and am hiring in January. Tell me again how you're a leech on the system.
OK. Agreed. You seem to agree with me here.
So Bob continues to ignore reality. Not the extension, but the actual lowering of rates. Come on Bob, even for a Con you're failing to perform the dance around the issues. You can exclude the extension, but why are you ignoring the FACT that rates went down because of their policies? "the Obama administration has passed three major bills affecting the taxes people paid over the last four years. The stimulus, which included $289.6 billion in tax cuts; the 2010 tax deal, which included more than $800 billion in tax cuts; and the payroll tax deal, which extended the payroll tax cut and a handful of other policies through 2012."
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