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How Romney Can Win

Weisenheimer Wrote: May 05, 2012 8:18 AM
Mr. Deace, every reason you cited for Romney going into hiding is exactly the reasons I want him to stay in. Mitt doesn't have one core belief in his head. His consultants have to tell him what to say and when to say it. This primary season has been very revealing this time. We have seen tactics used by Republicans that I thought would only be used by Democrats. Primaries were set up to favor Romney early on, but the conservatives of the party had other ideas. You see, Romney can't run on his record. Neither can Obama, so with not to much daylight between the two candidates, disaster will happen for the American people. The GOP has to implode and be held accountable for what they have done. They are crooks, all of them!
WallyOzzy Wrote: May 05, 2012 1:32 PM
"Romney can't run on his record" EXACTLY, nor be President. I'll NEVER let up on this LIER and THIEF. re: the FTD "Merger" he REFUSES to tell us about. He will not give up, so those who wish to save this country had better kick him out before REAL DAMAGE is done to our nation.

Wannabe GOP Svengali Karl Rove helped to engineer Mitt Romney winning the Republican presidential nomination, and now says he doesn’t think Romney can beat President Obama this fall.

Recently a little birdie of mine shared some high level campaign intelligence with me that was given to Republicans on Capitol Hill, which said “Romney can’t win the election, but Obama could lose it.”

I am not a Rom-Zombie. I think my street cred for opposing Romney’s RINO record in Massachusetts and the milquetoast Republican Party establishment is well established, given the hate I receive from slappies to each of my columns that...