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Deport the GOP Establishment

Weisenheimer Wrote: May 03, 2012 8:18 AM
Ann are you sorry now that you pushed Mitt ad nauseum? Mitt will turn on a dime and we'll be stuck with him. Mitt has attached himself to Rubio's DREAM ACT. This is no longer the Republican party. Mitt Romney is a moderate to liberal RINO. He as well as McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Graham, Lugar and Hatch ALL have to go. They have hijacked the party and are rejecting conservatives. Face it Ann, you have lost the support of a lot of people who once looked to you for leadership of the conservative cause. NO MORE! You have sold out to the establishment. So, DEPORT yourself.
How about aiding and abetting the enemy? I don't hae any hope that Congress will do anything. They are arguing over women's contraception which was thrown out there as a diversionary tactic. Everyone is corrupt in Washington and a rotor-rooter needs to drain the swamp. Until that happens, nothing changes. Congress should be held liable for approving Eric Holder as Attorney General. Many of them knew the background of Holder and approved him anyway.
What good is yelling at them going to do? When our voting process has been sold out to an organization in SPAIN, owned by George Soros, how can it ever be fair? It's the people who are going to have to take back our government and drain the swamp in Washington. Those people that we elect have been corrupted by bureaucrats and we have to get rid of them. The FBI, CIA, our military have to be on our side and do a complete sweep inside the beltway. Obama and Holder are laughing and spitting in our faces and stomping the constitution.
Well, I guess Governor Romney meant it when he told homosexuals that he would be their best advocate.
You just might have to do that Mitt when you lose the election. The people will be furious and will hold you to those words.
He better not endorse a candidate or else get the wrath of the grassroots of the party. The way this election has been conducted is a disgrace and the real base of the party is disgusted and will send a strong message to the GOP. I don't intend to donate one dime to the party and will leave it as soon as the election is over. I won't be told by John Boehner to "get my butt in line." The Republican party will go down in flames bank on it!
Please, NO! I figured we would see this because Bush 41 is pushing Romney. It's all about Jeb!
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Republicans Nullifying Conservatives

Weisenheimer Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 10:16 AM
Mr. Deace, Mitt Romney is a Statist! The conservatives are outraged that the GOP is forcing Romney on us. Please read these two links and it will tell you what's going on.
Romney is a Statist! Everybody should have gotten behind Newt.
I think you should check again, this information isn't correct.
I have lost confidence in the way this is being handled. There is so many charges that could be made, yet they don't do it. The people do expect results with this case, not just contempt and perjury charges. We want him in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit!
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