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Voting for ideological purity is nice and all, as long as one accepts the result will always be the other party retaining control of the government. The all-or-nothing, scorched earth politics might make people feel good for being holier-than-thou in their political orthodoxy, but when the result is continued domination by Democrats and liberals in seats of power, it appears to me to be counterproductive. Because having Obama for 4 more years was *so* much better than having Romney.
Not sure why Boehner and the GOP leadership are so concerned with the optics of the public caucus leadership votes, since nobody but them and a few Washington press corps people actually remember it after a couple of weeks. Because it doesn't really matter how many votes the Speaker is elected by - that person remains Speaker for 2 years regardless. And while I appreciate the sentiment that after the decision is made in the internal caucus elections, it looks better that all party members support the candidate elected behind closed doors, I don't see the benefit of having this massive retaliation nuclear option against one's own party because the presumptive Speaker-elect might feel some embarrassment. After all, I didn't even remember anything about the last Speaker election except who won. Mr. Boehner, please stop being as thin-skinned and petulant as our president. Man up, ferchrissake.
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Where Have All the Allies Gone?

Weegie2 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 7:09 AM
It's appalling that there doesn't appear to be any communication between Obama, Kerry, Hagel or the JCS, especially when one considers that all should have been involved in the development of the "strategy", and once that strategy was fixed, all should have been on message. Of course, prior to that, it appears that Hagel and Obama were not attending the same intelligence briefings, if Obama had been attending them at all. Considering that JV teams don't pose "serious threats." Again we see the indecisiveness and poor judgment that has been the Obama hallmark. And we again see the slapdash policy-making - a policy that was needed and should have been in full swing 6-8 months ago - where the administration is more concerned about launching speeches than about taking actions. Making claims about a coalition where the members have barely even been asked, where nothing has actually been promised, and where there is no understanding of the support or commitment of the US, is not "smart power" - it is simply incompetence. We deserve better.
Holder is a disgrace, a disgustingly corrupt piece of excrement. Hey, Liberals and Democrats - this kind of collusion to hinder justice is not acceptable from any government official - it is especially egregious when it is the AG who is obstructing justice. Spin this one, Obama knee-padders.
EOs are how a president manages, organizes and sets policies for the executive branch. There is nothing wrong with them, until they are misused to do things they were not intended to do, such as create, change or delete laws that are within the purview of Congress.
I'm not familiar with how student groups operate. Who chooses the leaders of these groups? Is it the members? Can any student just walk in at leadership election time and vote? My bottom line question is: how probable or possible is it for a student group leader be chosen who holds views that are anathematic to the goals of the group? Can an opposition group get in the voting / selection and pick a leader that has nothing but contempt for that group? The point is whether removing the requirement from the group charter would have any real likelihood that a non-believer would gain leadership of a Christian group. Again, I don't know how they work.
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Demand Primary Neutrality Now

Weegie2 Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 9:55 AM
I think there is also the problem of open primaries. They eliminate the ONLY point of registering for a party - the ability to vote for one's party candidates. Because otherwise, party registration just means being put on party committee mailing and calling lists to be bombarded with solicitations for donations. If I went through the trouble of registering, it means I want MY voice to be heard when it comes to selecting who MY candidates will be. Why should a Democrat voter get to nullify my vote for my party's candidate? How does this give me the candidate I want? If the MS primary would have been different based on the votes of ONLY registered Republican voters, then we need to change how we select our candidates.
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Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Weegie2 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 7:20 AM
And there remain people who think Ron Paul would have been a better president than Obama. Same thin resume, same lack of accomplishment (politically) and same self-deluded belief that they understand how world realpolitick works (they don't).
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Things I Don't Understand

Weegie2 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 7:14 AM
I remember being at a hotel which had a little 4 person hot tub. The signs for that tub exceeded the surface area of the tub itself, including the warning signs "no diving" and "no life guard on duty". I also like the "do not place body in path of moving blades" on ceiling fans.
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Obama fails History 101

Weegie2 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 8:07 AM
How about, his ignorance is "historic"?
We all know that if a Republican had said this, it would played 24/7 by the national media, would become the top story topic of CNN, MSNBC, ABCBSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc, etc, and would be repeated daily for at least a week, to encourage people to be outraged at such bigotry and insensitivity. Alas, when a Democrat demonstrates what a slimy bigoted POS they are, there's nary a blip in the news radar. Shall we compare and contrast to the "macaca" incident? This is why intelligent people distrust the national media - they are the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.
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