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The most important issue of the day regarding ISIS is: were Foley's Civil Rights denied.
O didn't just play golf, but he was whooping it up, to judge by the pictures. He looked hysterical with laughter. The execution was probably a yuk to a good Muslim, as the next one will be.
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Ferguson and Mainstream Media Malfeasance

weedwam Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 3:22 PM
With Holder, the congenital liar, about to arrive in town, we can be sure that only the "truth" according to this administration will see the light of day. The only thing that will satisfy them is a real or virtual lynching of the police officer.
Why are the FBI even in Ferguson? The case has been solved to Holder's specs. Officer Wilson will be lynched one way or another.
Not to be missed..... CNN's coverage of the huge rally in church with all the race hustlers present and rallying the troops. It wouldn't surprise me to hear of increased violence tonight.
Brown was such a genius, ready to become POTUS one day, that he even attended an Alternative HS in preparation.
Brown's parents have already stated they won't rest until officer Wilson is convicted of murder. Holder's job is to make that happen.
You're so right. When the Muslims conquered half of Europe, they came overland. This time they infiltrated all their victim countries and will conquer from within.
We have never declared war on Islam.......they have declared war on us. What do we intend to do about it? Will we put boots on the ground when they attack NY or DC again?
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